A Harvard experience
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外研版高三年级:The First Americans

关键词:Native American tribes

话题归类:历史与地理History and geography




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HARVARD, the top university in the United States, is a dream place for many students. Imagine being able to see how unique Harvard students are? Asking them what they learn? And how their classes are conducted?

This month, 300 students from different parts of China had an opportunity to spend a week with Harvard students. They gathered in the High School Attached to Fudan University in Shanghai where the Harvard College Association for US-China Relations Summit for Young Leaders in China (HSYLC 2007) took place. Over 40 Harvard undergraduates took part in it!

Around 2,000 Chinese students applied online for the program. Wang Wenjing, 17, from Shanghai Jingye High School was one of the 300 participants to be selected (挑选).

Seminars (研讨会)

Every day, the schedule (时间表) was very busy filled with seminars, lectures, workshops (研习班), games and parties. Wang liked the seminars most.

Seminars are small classes with no more than 10 students. Wang could choose six from 40 different seminars to attend. A Harvard student led each one.

"They explored international issues such as US immigration (移民). We were allowed lively discussion and sometimes the only thing we did in a class was debate," Wang said. "To prepare for the next seminar, we often stayed up late doing research. No one could keep silent and it was fun to share ideas with others."

Celebrities (名人)

Each day, two or three lectures were given. Wang was excited that the lecturers were famous figures that before she had only seen on TV.

"I finally know why people are crazy about Yi Zhongtian. He is intelligent and eloquent (有口才的). Pu Bajia taught me how to overcome difficulties and plan for the future. All the lectures were inspiring," she said.

At the closing ceremony, Wang and her partner from Nanjing presented their workshop project. It was a survey of how Chinese view Americans, as an article about how Americans view Chinese is popular on the Internet.

"The program taught me what I could not otherwise learn in the classroom. Harvard students also let me know how important to be creative, " she said.

By Liu Jinmei, 21st Century Teens staff