Celebrating the season
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牛津版初一年级:What will I be?Seasonal changes

关键词:good looking, model, note, reporter, blazer, canteen, chart, difference, footprint, lolly, puddle, ribbon, trousers

话题归类:计划与愿望Plans and intentions; 自然Nature



The Christmas tree

Christmas needs a beautiful tree. Many like a real fir (枞树) or pine tree (松树). Days before the holiday season, many Western children begin decorating Christmas trees. They put colorful lights and stars on them. There are man-made Christmas trees too. But they all have a very big star or an angel (天使) on the top.

Christmas presents

On Christmas Eve, kids hang (挂) big stockings by their beds before they go to bed. Their parents tell them about Santa Claus. They say he will come to the house and put presents in the stockings.

Young kids believe in Santa, but he is not real. Then who fills the stockings? Who do you think!

Christmas dinner

Kids like the moment of opening gifts. But Christmas dinner is everyone's favorite. After family members unwrap their gifts, they sit down to a big, juicy turkey or ham. They also eat lots of other dishes with the meat.