She's book crazy!
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人教版初二年级:I’m more outgoing than my sister

关键词:Personal traits

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STANDING in front of the mirror (镜子), there is a little girl who has a big forehead (额头), a round face, a pair of proud, big eyes and black hair. That's me.

I am a happy and confident girl. I'm 13 years old. I have a lot of hobbies, such as playing the piano, singing and swimming. But I like reading books most. I am a big fan of books. A lot of people speak highly of my wide knowledge (知识). All my knowledge and achievements(成绩) come from books.

I've been interested in books since before I could read. My mother read books to me every evening. Gradually, I learned more and more words. Books became my best friend. I have a big bookshelf. I am always reading a book – during a meal and before sleeping. My parents call me a "bookworm (书虫)".

I read all kinds of books. I love novels and books that make me laugh. Beautiful poems move me. Biographies (传记) give me energy.

Books bring me such happiness and knowledge. They enrich (充实) my life!

I certainly am a "bookworm"!

Wang Xirui (王汐蕊), Class 11, Junior 1, No 45 Middle School, Hefei (合肥市四十五中七1班)

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