Back to School Potluck
来源:21英语    作者:21英语    日期: 2012-09-24

外研版初一年级:Me, my parents and my friends

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话题归类:家庭、朋友与周围的人Family, friends and people around


School starts again. My school has a back to school potluck (会餐).

Every family brings their favorite food to school. Everyone puts their food on the tables. Weshare the food together. I always make new friends when enjoying the food.

We try different kinds of food. The foods come from all over the world. Two of the foods are spaghetti (意大利面条) and pizza. Some are fruits. Some are ice cream and cookies. Some food is very tasty. Everyone eats it up as soon as parents put it on the table.

After lunch, we run to the playground to play. The parents sit around and talk with each other. Back to school potluck is a lot of fun.


Back to school potluck: 很多美国学校,在开学的时候都会举行一个聚餐会,家长和孩子们一起参加。各家带着自己做的拿手菜来到学校。

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as soon as 一……就

My mom prepares the dinner as soon as she gets back home.



share 分享

tasty 美味的

fun 乐趣