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外研版初二年级:A famous story

关键词:Famous book in English

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SU Su is a 16-year-old Beijinger. She studies at the High School Affiliated to Renmin University. She has just published her first book, The Enigma of the Universe (《宇宙之谜》).

The Enigma of the Universe tells a story of a girl called April. One day she meets a alien boy named Kaka. Kaka takes April on a journey into the universe. Later April finds out a big secret about Kaka...

What's special about this book? It's a book written in both Chinese and English.

Su wrote the book when she was 14 years old. She was influenced by the book Sophie's World (《苏菲的世界》) and the movie The Truman Show (《楚门的世界》). Sophie is a girl who is interested in philosophy. Truman's life is run by television.

These stories gave Su an idea for her own book. She decided to write it in English.

"My English teacher asked us to write something," says Su. "I thought I'd write about my idea."

Su spent a whole summer vacation writing the story.

"Sometimes I had to stop because I couldn't find the right words," says Su. "I used the dictionary all the time."

After finishing the English novel, Su had another idea. She decided to translate it into Chinese. The job took her just a few days. "It was easy because Chinese is my native language (母语)," she says.

Su says her story is "a mixture of philosophy (哲学) and detective (侦探) story and science fiction".

"My classmates and I have turned it into a DV play," says Su. "I wrote the play and I played April. We will show it in our school soon!"