We need clean water
来源:21英语    作者:21英语    日期: 2012-09-24

外研版初三年级:Save our world

关键词:Environmental groups

话题归类:世界与环境The world and the environment



词数 240 建议阅读时间 6分钟

WEN Junhao is a college student from Liuyang, Hunan. The 22-year-old remembers that when he was young, he often went to his cousin's home. There is a river nearby. He and his cousin swam or caught fish in the river.

But later a paper mill (造纸厂) was built beside the river. The factory put hot and foamy (泡沫的) wastewater in it. Soon, the river began to smell bad. The fish were gone, and you couldn't swim in it anymore.

"Fortunately, the paper mill stopped working five years ago," said Wen. "The government said it polluted the river too much."

Wen's hometown was lucky. But water pollution is still a serious problem in China. A recent report says that about 320 million people in China, most of them farmers, can't get safe water.

The report says that 96 percent of villages use rivers as open sewers (下水道). And 89 percent of villages throw their trash into or around them.

The report also says that most pollution comes from factories. Many factories don't want to spend money on green technology. They pollute rivers with dangerous chemicals (化学品).

The government says that laws about water protection will be passed at the end of this year.

The laws will call on all the companies to reuse wastewater. Those who don't will be fined. In the past, the biggest fine was 200,000 yuan. But when the new laws are passed, polluters will be fined daily until they put the problem right.


Your turn: project

Collect some water from the river in your neighborhood. Take it to your school lab. Ask your teacher to find out whether it is polluted.

These rivers are in trouble

March 22 is the World Water Day. On March 20, the World Wildlife Fund (世界自然基金会) made a report naming the top 10 rivers in danger in the world. People need rivers to live. But they are becoming drier and polluted. Five of the 10 rivers in the report are in Asia.

Mekong (湄公河), Asia

Salween (萨尔温江), Asia

Nile-Lake Victoria

(尼罗河-维多利亚湖), Africa

Yangtze River (长江), Asia

Murray-Darling (默累河), 


Ganges (恒河), Asia

Indus (印度河), Asia

Danube (多瑙河), Europe

La Plata (拉普拉塔河), 

South America

Rio Grande (格兰德河),