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牛津版初一年级:Traveling in Garden City Making a model

关键词:air-conditioner, conductor, double-decker, fare-box, flyover, park, pedestrian, single-decker, cardboard, cloth, cotton, curtain, furniture, inside, matchbox, material, outside, paint, quilt, reel, size, straw, tape, tool, wallpaper, wardrobe

话题归类:交通Transport; 兴趣与爱好Interests and hobbies


We're not mean — it's only a movie


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DO you have friends at school? Do you spend all your time with them? Go to shops or watch movies together? Teens all over the world do.

The popular US movie Mean Girls (《坏女孩》) is about a group of friends. But these girls are not very nice. They are a clique (小圈子). They make fun of others. They don't let a girl sit with them at lunch. Why? Because the girl doesn't wear the same clothes.

But most groups of friends are not cliques.

In US high schools, kids with same interests and hobbies get together. There's a group for girls who like to shop. There's a group for science nerds (书呆子). There's a group for people who love sport.

Are there many kids like the clique in Mean Girls? Not really. In my school, students are too busy to make fun of others.

In school kids get together with other people they like. After all, nobody likes to hang out(玩耍) with people they don't like, do they?


Your turn: discussion

Do you think there are any cliques in your school? Or are there only groups of friends? Talk to your friends and find out what they think.