My music life
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In the fifth grade at my school, we start to learn how to play instruments.

There are different instruments like the violin, cello (大提琴), trumpet (小号) and flute (长笛). I play the violin.

On Mondays, all the players go to a big music room to play with the whole band. On Tuesdays, students go to smaller classrooms to learn how to play their instruments.

I take good care of my violin. I never leave it out in the sun. I bring it back home when the day is over. I like playing the violin in my spare time. Now I’m with the California Youth Symphony (加州青年交响乐团). I play very well. I’m the concertmaster (首席小提琴手) of Junior strings (小学弦乐器组).

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take care of...照顾,照料

I have a pet rabbit. I take good care of her.



instrument 乐器

band 乐队

spare 空闲的