By the sea
来源:21英语    作者:21英语    日期: 2012-11-12

牛津版初一年级:Sea water and rain water, Forests and land

关键词:water in oceans, saving water, how people use water, forest and land






1. Papa, Mama, Brother and Sister go to the shore1 for the weekend. There is a house for them to stay in.

2. "Let's put on swim suits and go into the water!" says Brother. "Wait, we must clean up first, room by room!" says Mama.

3. After that, Brother and Sister set out2 for the sea. Mama stops them and says, "Wait, there are things to carry, beds to make and clothes to clean."

4. When that's done, Sister says, "It's time to swim!" But Mama says, "Wait, it's time for us to eat something."

5. After that, Sister asks, "Mama, can we

go swimming now?" Mama says, "Dears,

it's much too soon after eating. It would be bad for your health3."

6. "It's long after lunch. Can we swim now?

It's getting late !" says Brother. "Wait, my dears. Let's put on some lotion4." Says Mama.

7. Now it's time to swim! Brother and Sister run to the sea. "Wait!" shouts Papa. "But, Papa, will we never get to swim in the sea?" ask Brother and Sister. "Relax5, I just wanted you to wait for me!" says Papa.

8. The sea is fun! The sea is great! It's worth6 the wait!