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When I grow up I want to be an ... animal trainer
作者:21ST    来源:21英语网    日期: 2012-03-23

人教版初一年级:Why do you like koalas?

关键词:Animals in a zoo






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EVERY day, Gao Wei starts work at 7:30 am. The 28-year-old is an animal trainer at Beijing Aquarium. The first thing he does is to prepare (准备) food for dolphins – buckets (桶) of iced fish. Dolphins eat five times each day.

While the dolphins swim happily after breakfast, Gao begins to clean the pools.

Later, Gao and his dolphins perform (表演) exciting shows for hundreds of people. Gao gives a gesture (手势), and the dolphins dance, turn or jump. Gao can even "ride" a dolphin. He stands on a dolphin's back and the dolphin quickly swims across the pool like a speed boat (快艇).

The show lasts for about 30 minutes. Gao and his dolphins do two to three shows a day.

Being an animal trainer is Gao's dream job. "When I was a kid, I once watched an US dolphin show in Beijing Capital Stadium. It was so wonderful I dreamed of doing it myself," says Gao.

After Gao had graduated from college, he came to the aquarium. He has been doing the job for eight years.

Gao works with two female dolphins called "Princess" and "Gege". He talks with them every day: "Good morning! How's it going?" "They are my best friends," says Gao.

But dolphins are not always fun to be around. Sometimes they become upset and bite (咬) the trainers. They are also very moody. "Take the 'riding dolphin' game, I've been doing it for six years. But if the dolphins don't want to let me ride that day, they won't let me."

Gao spends a lot of time with the animals. "I play with them and try to understand them. As a good trainer, I need to know what the animals think just from the way they look," he says.

What do the animals eat?

Every dolphin or sea lion in the aquarium has their own fish bucket. Each day, trainers feed (喂食) over 20 buckets of fish to dolphins. In the bucket are three kinds of fish: flying fish, "willow fish (柳叶鱼)" and squid (鱿鱼).

Job figures


There are about 20 animal trainers in Beijing Aquarium. There are more men than women.


An animal trainer earns 1,500 to 5,000 yuan a month.

Career tips

SO you want to be an animal trainer like Gao? Here are some things you can do:

Love animals. "You have to think that taking care of animals is the most important thing in the world," Gao says.

Be a good swimmer. The pool of the aquarium is eight meters deep. You also need to know how to dive (潜水).

Keep fit. The water temperature (温度) of the pool is only about 18°C. In summer it's OK, but in winter it's cold. You need a strong body.

Visit aquariums in your city and read books to know more about sea animals. You can also visit the Beijing Aquarium on the Internet at www.bj-sea.com/.

Learn English. In Beijing Aquarium, trainers train dolphins in both Chinese and English.

Get a permit (许可证) to work as an animal trainer.


Name: Gao Wei

Age: 28

Title: animal trainer Working place:

Beijing Aquarium

Every time a dolphin does a good job, the trainer blows a whistle. The whistle means "well done". It is also called a "bridge".

Animal trainers wear soft and thin-soled shoes. These won't hurt the animals when the trainers have to stand on them. Dolphins are smart animals. Gao told Teens that dolphins like to hide things like balls or sticks in secret places. When the trainers are not looking, the dolphins play with their hidden toys!

KEEPING animals healthy is very important. Every day, the vet (兽医) checks them carefully. They make sea lions lie down to see whether there are any wounds (伤口) on their bodies. They also make them open their mouths to smell for anything unusual.

关键词:关键词: 人教版 初一 Why do you like koalas? 自然Nature


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