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Right job for you?
作者:21ST    来源:21英语网    日期: 2012-03-31

人教版高三年级:Launching your career

关键词:Jobs and career; Career choice; Individual data

话题归类:热点话题Topical issues



词数 396 建议阅读时间 5分钟

BESIDES dealing with the college entrance exam, 18-year-old Chen Yi is facing another headache: how to choose a major.

The girl wants to be a software (软件) engineer. But she's not sure if that's the job for her. "I don't know if I am logical enough," she said.

Many Senior 3 students feel like Chen, since they don't understand themselves clearly. It's not only teenagers. Even adults face a similar problem.

Millions of Britons (英国人) could be working the wrong job, according to a recent survey, which looks at whether workers' personalities match their careers.

The study of more than 2,300 adults asked people to select one of four shapes and eight colors, which they felt described themselves. Three-quarters were told they were in jobs that did not suit their characters. u

This kind of test is trendy these days. A US survey found about 30 percent of all US companies use personality tests in their hiring process. In China, job-seekers are turning to career consultants for similar advice.

But does a personality test really give a proper assessment of your career potential? Fang Ke, a 22-year-old civil servant, took a simplified version (版本) of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test. The test measures four qualities — Introversion/Extroversion (外向), Sensing/Intuition (直觉), Thinking/Feeling, and Judging/Perceiving (感知).

The result was ESTP. That means he is adventurous yet practical. He might run his own business well.

Fang, however, didn't see himself as adventurous. Instead, he enjoyed his low-pressure government job.

Song Guoping, a psychologist (心理学者) from the Chinese Academy of Sciences explains: "Personality test results are based on a large number of people. The results are accurate maybe 90 percent of the time. But you could fall into the 10 percent. So don't rely on the test completely."

Another interesting and important thing, according to Song, is that personalities don't necessarily stay the same over a lifetime. They can change as time goes by.

Yang Xin, a 27-year-old patent engineer who has been working for two years, is an example. He used to think of himself as intuitive. Now it turns out he is ISTP — introverted, sensing and thoughtful. "My personality has been shaped by my career," explained Yang.

So the personality-career relationship question might seem hard to answer. But it could be quite simple if you just follow your heart.

"Take the test for reference. Then think carefully about what you would like to do," suggested Song.

Personality quiz

WHAT kind of job suits you? Try these simple questions about your personality to find it out. (Note: that is only for reference.)

1) Would you love to sing or dance on a reality TV show (E), or do you prefer to stay out of the limelight? (I)

2) When assembling a piece of flat-pack furniture, do you study the instructions in detail (S) or trust your instincts to get it right? (N)

3) Do you feel ruled by your head (T) or your heart? (F)

4) When asked to make an important decision, do you rush to judgment (J) or like to keep your options open? (P)

You are original and productive. You would make a good writer.

You are logical and practical. You would make a good computer programmer or mechanic.

ESTJYou are organized and thorough. You would make a good civil servant or insurance agent.

You are outgoing yet logical. You would make a good marketing consultant or psychologist.

You are independent and innovative. You would make a good musician or scientist.

You are enthusiastic and creative. You would make a good advertising executive or politician.

You are adventurous yet practical. You would make a good entrepreneur (创业者).

You are caring and responsible. You would make a good teacher or nurse.

You are thoughtful and conscientious. You would make a good librarian or shopkeeper.

You are dependable and hard-working. You would make a good police officer or manager.

You are strong-willed and driven. You would make a good management consultant or lawyer.

You are warm and sociable. You would make a good nursery school teacher or vet (兽医).

You are kind and trusting. You would make a good doctor or counsellor.

You are passionate and imaginative. You would make a good academic or fashion designer.

You are friendly and creative. You would make a good fundraiser or personnel manager.

You are intellectual and analytical. You would make a good engineer or architect.

关键词:关键词: 人教版 高三 Launching your career 热点话题Topical issues



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