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We really like fashion
作者:21ST    来源:21英语网    日期: 2012-04-16

人教版高一年级:Body language

关键词:Body language: cultural differences & intercultural communication

话题归类:热点话题Topical issues



HOW often do you change your hairstyle or ask for new dresses? You may be eager (热衷于) to follow trends in Western countries, but your peers (同龄人) in the United States don't care as much about fashion as you do.

A recent survey among high school students in China, Japan, South Korea and the US found that Asian teenagers care more about their looks than young people in the US.

This survey was held in 156 high schools in the four countries. More than 7,000 teenagers were questioned about their views on life and the world.

South Koreans, at 83 per cent, cared most about their appearance. They were followed by the Chinese and Japanese, while US students showed the least interest in fashion at only 33 per cent.

"The different results show differences of cultural background (背景)," said Sun Yunxiao from the China Youth and Children Research Centre.

He explained that in the US there are many different standards (标准) of beauty, so teens are more likely to be confident about their appearance.

US teenagers' high self-confidence is displayed in the survey. About 85 per cent are happy with themselves. The percentage of self-confident Chinese students stands at only 30 per cent.

What's more, US students showed more individuality (个性), with 88 per cent agreeing that "people should follow their own interests rather than those of others". This is much higher than South Korea's 69 per cent, China's 49 and Japan's 48.

Japanese students, at 52 per cent, are most dissatisfied with modern society. Chinese and Koreans follow at second and third most dissatisfied.

Strong ambition (雄心) is seen in Chinese high schools. Only two in five high school students are content with "an average living" 2. Koreans are next at 48 per cent, Japanese come in at 66 per cent and Americans are at 71.

"According to the survey, Chinese students are happy and disciplined (有纪律的). They have a strong desire to make a difference. But Chinese students need to be more independent and learn how to relax," said Sun.

The students have different cultural backgrounds. But home and places where friends gather (聚集) are the favourite places all teens seek happiness.

Exams and worries about life after graduation cause much concern among most of the teens interviewed for the survey.


文化意识 情感态度

Group task: What questions did the survey-maker probably ask? Make up your own set of questions and do a survey in your school. Report your finding to the class.

关键词:关键词: 人教版 高一 Body language 热点话题Topical issues



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