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Do-it-yourself this summer
作者:21ST    来源:21英语网    日期: 2012-09-17

外研版初一年级:Activities and the weather

关键词:I like reading./I can dance./What’s the weather like in summer?

话题归类:天气Weather; 学校生活School life



IT'S mid-summer now. Hot weather makes you restless. Trips to the pool become less interesting. You're tired of playing computer games, hanging out with friends and even of watching television. You may feel bored and say, "There's NOTHING to do around here." It's time for some quick, easy and cheap activities before going back to school.

Here are three ideas for driving the boredom (枯燥) away. Why not have a go?

Grow tiny islands in the sea

Rate: Very easy

Time needed: Half an hour

Mum enjoys cooking delicious meals for the whole family. She always uses the best parts of the food for cooking. Look! She's left a lot of radish tops (萝卜头) in the kitchen. How about growing something with them?

What you need:

1. some vegetable tops which have sprouted (发芽) a little

2. a knife

3. a plate

4. a little cold water

How to do it:

1 Collect some vegetable tops and carefully cut them to this thickness.

2 Put a little cold water onto a plate and spread (分布) the vegetable tops over the bottom.

3 Put a little more water around the tops. Be careful not to cover them.

4 Put the plate on a windowsill (窗台). Add a little water every day.

5 Your shoots (嫩芽) will grow to look like tall trees on islands.

Note: You can grow them at any time. If you like, you can also grow plants from garlic (大蒜) seeds and onion tops.

Melt-in-the-mouth 'watermelon'

Rate: Easy Time needed: One night

After working for a whole day, father and mother may feel tired and thirsty. Why not serve them some "watermelon (西瓜)"? This special snack will be a big surprise for them.

What you need:

1. a honeydew melon (哈密瓜)

2. strawberry ice cream

3. chocolate chips

How to make it:

1 Cut the honeydew melon into halves, discard (去掉) the seeds, and cool it overnight in the fridge.

2 The next day, put the halves in the freezer (冷冻室) for 15 minutes, pull them out, and pack them with ice cream, gently levelling (使成水平) the top.

3 Using a cooled knife, cut each half into halves again.

4 Finally, put in a row of chocolate chip seeds and serve immediately (立即).

Magazine mosaic 

Rate: Medium

Time needed: About 1 to 2 hours

What's a mosaic (镶嵌图案)? It's a picture made up of lots of small tiles – or in this case, paper squares (方块).

What you need:

1. Paper plate 4. Magazine pages

2. Scissors (剪刀) 5. White glue

3. Water 6. Small brush

How to do it:

1 Before you design your mosaic, look at old mosaics in books or online to give you ideas.

2 Make a picture on the back of a paper plate.

3 Tear (撕) out magazine pages printed with different colors you'd like to use. Cut strips (条状的) of the pages into small squares. You'll also need a few triangles (三角形) to fit in corners.

4 Mix together in equal parts white glue and water. To fill in the design, brush a bit of glue mixture on the plate, put the squares in place, and seal (密封) each with a top coat of the glue mixture.

When you are finished, let the mosaic dry completely.

5 When you have finished your paper mosaic should look like this.

关键词:外研版 初一 Activities and the weather 天气 Weather; 学校生活 School life


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