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Your news
作者:21ST    来源:21英语网    日期: 2012-09-17


关键词:Festivals and food

话题归类:节假日活动Festivals, holidays and celebrations


This time try sending apples

BORED with sending cards at festivals? Shanghai students have invented a new way of sending new year's greetings.

Last week, members of the Environmental Protection Association in Shanghai Nanyang Model High School encouraged their schoolmates to send best wishes for the new year using apples.

"To make festival cards, too many trees have to be cut down. It just isn't environmentally friendly (环保的). We called on our fellow students to think about the environment when they planned their greetings. Then we thought of apples as a great solution (解决办法). Besides, apples are also healthy," said Xu Ting, president of the association.

Xu and his friends bought enough apples. Then they handed out red ribbons (丝带) to their schoolmates for them to write messages on, along with their names and the names of those who would receive the greetings. Finally the ribbons were stuck (系) to the apples.

The students really appreciated the idea. Altogether 758 apples were sent to their friends in nearby schools.

"It was a really novel (新颖的) way to say 'Happy New Year'. In addition, it's an edible (可吃的) gift," said Xu Qingru, 17, who sent an apple to her friend in Weiyu High School.

The special gift surprised those who received it.

"It was amazing when I found the gift was an apple. It did bring me happiness," said Zhang Tianying, 17, at Weiyu.

By Ma Jiameng, of Shanghai Nanyang Model High School

Dance in New Year

A PARTY is always held to celebrate the arrival of new year. So how about a waltz (华尔兹舞) party, held around a bonfire (篝火)?

This is exactly what some students from Nanjing Foreign Language School did on the last night of 2006.

"It was a very enjoyable party. I invited my deskmate to the dance. I was really pleased when he agreed at once," said Jing Dongling, 16.

By Yan Jiaying, of Nanjing Foreign Language School

No need for a bookstore

WHEN did you last visit a bookstore? As a Senior 3 student, you may reply that you just can't make time to visit bookstores.

Here's a possible solution to your problem. Some Senior 3 students in Changle No 2 High School have turned to online bookstores.

"It's even harder for a boarding school student like me to go shopping outside of school. So I like to buy all the books I need from online bookstores when I have computer science class. Besides, they always offer discounts (折扣) or gifts," said Huang Xiaolong, 18.

By Song Shuang, of Changle No 2 High School, Shandong

关键词:外研版 高二 Carnival 节假日活动 Festivals, holidays and celebrations



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