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Technology drives communication and enrolments for Navitas in China
作者:21ST    来源:21英语网    日期: 2013-02-27

  Global education provider Navitas operates 30 University Pathway Programs colleges at universities in the USA, Australia, Singapore, the UK and Canada, all of which are focused on ensuring that international students successfully complete their first year of undergraduate studies before going on to finish their degree at leading overseas universities.

  With more than 3,000 Chinese students participating in a Navitas University Pathway Program each year, it is important that Navitas is able to communicate clearly with prospective students before they make their decision about overseas study, after they apply to study overseas, and when they arrive in their destination country.

  It’s also important that existing Navitas students have a voice to let us know what they think or want from us, and for our alumni to stay in touch. To do this successfully, Navitas has had to adapt to the ever-changing technological and social media landscape.

  Most of Navitas’ Chinese students enrol in a Navitas University Pathway Program through one of their many official representatives around the country, usually referred to as agents. Navitas works closely with our agents but we have found that while face-to-face training is a powerful tool for ensuring our agents give students clear and correct information, we can also leverage today’s technology to keep improving.

  In October 2011, Navitas launched an iPhone and iPad app containing ‘Course Search’, ‘University Search’ and ‘City Search’ features, plus a series of ‘Why study’ videos, such as “Why Study in USA?”. An Android version of this highly popular app will be released in March 2013. These have proven popular with both agents and students looking for more information on Navitas programs and its global partner university network.

  When it comes to Chinese social media, most Navitas colleges have their own Weibo and RenRen pages which are updated on a daily basis. For example, QIBT, a Navitas college in Queensland, Australia has more than 10,000 students following its Weibo page. (QIBT offers an on-campus first year pathway into year two of a Griffith University degree in Brisbane, Australia).
Some lecturers even have their own Weibo page which is a popular way of communicating with current students and graduates.

  More and more Navitas colleges are also using Tudou to show videos to prospective students and parents, while QQ has long been a popular way to communicate with students and official Navitas representatives who are based in China.

  Finally, the new Navitas ‘Study Stories’ app connects the global Navitas network of more than 30,000 students a year, via an iPhone/iPad app. The app showcases the stories behind current and future Navitas students. A Chinese student who creates their own ‘story’ via the app can search for and view the stories of other students studying at the same, or a different Navitas college. They can search for other students in the same location, with the same interests or the same nationality. They can also ‘check in’ via the app when they arrive at college each day, post photos and videos, and share their story on their own social networking site.

  In the past 10 years, the world has changed immensely, particularly when it comes to technology.  Nowhere is this truer than in China, which is now the most ‘connected’ country in the world. To continue to communicate effectively with prospective and existing Chinese students, Navitas understands the need to connect using the devices, apps and social networks that are now common place in China. They may be Weibo and Weixin today. Who knows what they will be tomorrow…

  If you are interested in finding out more about the programs that Navitas offers for Chinese students wanting to studying overseas, visit www.weibo.com/navitas or scan the QR code to follow us on Weixin.




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