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Wellington College to open its new international school in Hangzhou to provide world-class education
作者:21ST    来源:Wellington College China    日期: 2018-04-17
Wellington College International Hangzhou will be officially opening its doors to pupils this coming September. The College is designed to offer a world-class holistic education to the children of expatriate families in Hangzhou, China.
On 10th April 2018, Wellington College China announced that Wellington College International Hangzhou will officially open in September 2018. This will be Wellington College China’s third international school after Tianjin and Shanghai and the thirteenth new member of the Wellington College family world-wide. Wellington College International Hangzhou aims to offer a world-class international education for children of expatriate families from the ages of 5 to 18. In the first phase of opening in 2018, the College will operate from Year 1 to Year 6 (from the ages of 5 to 11) and then grow year on year to offer a pathway to IGCE and A Level or the IB Diploma. The purpose-built world-class campus is located in the China▪Xiaoshan Science & Technology Polis, 22 kilometres east of downtown Hangzhou. Construction is in the final stages and ensures a smooth opening.
Wellington College in England
Wellington College China is committed to providing a first-class, well-rounded education for pupils both inside and out of the classroom. As with all Wellington College schools, the Wellington Values and Identities form the heart of our holistic education. The Wellington Values of courage, respect, integrity, kindness and responsibility are as pertinent today as they were more than 159 years ago when Wellington College was founded in the United Kingdom. The Wellington vision is for pupils to become intellectual, independent, inspired, individual and inclusive; the Wellington Identities. This is based on a model of holistic education and pastoral provision that promotes the values and develops the knowledge needed to be an effective global citizen. We aim to prepare pupils for success during and beyond life at the College. In the Prep school, the curriculum is based on the national curriculum for England. In the Senior school pupils follow the IGCSE and A Level or the IB Diploma.

The opening of its third international school in China marks another major breakthrough for Wellington College. In 2009, Wellington College in England made the decision to bring the education, philosophy, and ethos of Wellington College beyond the shores of the United Kingdom to an ever-expanding international community. The first overseas education partnership was developed with Wellington College China, and the opening of Wellington College International Tianjin in August 2011. To date, over 500 pupils from 26 countries and regions are studying there, making this the largest international school for expatriate families in Tianjin.  In 2014, Wellington College China opened Wellington College International Shanghai which now educates around 1,000 pupils of 41 nationalities. Wellington College International Tianjin and Wellington College International Shanghai have demonstrated remarkable achievements and are valued highly by parents and industry partners both locally and nationwide.

Paul Rogers, Founding Executive Master of Wellington College Hangzhou

Mr. Paul Rogers is the founding Executive Master of Wellington College Hangzhou. The Wellington College Hangzhou campus covers over 74,000 square metres and comprises state-of-the-art facilities that afford pupils access to the very best academic and co-curricular opportunities. The appearance and design of the building are inspired by the distinctive architecture at the Wellington College in England. The outstanding interior design and construction team, who previously worked on Wellington schools in Tianjin and Shanghai, are building the very best in educational facilities in Hangzhou.

Wellington College’s tradition is to provide challenging, invigorating and enjoyable learning opportunities, featuring academic excellence and wide-range of co-curricular activities such as sport, arts and music. The science laboratories, the art rooms and the design technology suites are designed, first and foremost, to encourage an enjoyment in both practical and theoretical work. They also provide that extra level of creativity and ambition that great scientists, artists and designers strive for and achieve.

Sport is another major Wellington priority. The facilities here are second to none, with the sports hall, football pitch, a 400-metres all-weather synthetic running track, basketball and badminton courts, and two swimming pools, including a 25 metre, six-lane competition pool. Few schools in the world are blessed with the resources available at Wellington College International Hangzhou; all designed to support a wide-ranging co-curricular activities programme, both after school and at weekends.

Wellington College Hangzhou rendering

Wellington College Hangzhou in the Final Stages of Construction

In addition to boasting excellent sports facilities, the College’s Performing Arts Centre caters for Wellington’s musicians, dancers and thespians, with dedicated practice rooms, a dance studio, the Black Box theatre and the College theatre with a capacity of 560 seats.

The Distinctive Design of the Wellington College Hangzhou Purpose-Built Campus


About Wellington College

Wellington College in the UK was founded by Queen Victoria in 1859 as the national monument to Britain’s greatest military figure, the Duke of Wellington, who also served the country with distinction twice as Prime Minister. Queen Victoria herself remarked that the Duke of Wellington was “the GREATEST man this county has ever produced”. The school was dedicated to be, and indeed has become, a living monument to the Duke of Wellington in perpetuity. 159 years later the College is one of the most respected schools in the United Kingdom and also one of the greatest educational institutions, pioneering, innovating and transforming education for girls and boys. In the past decade alone, this vibrant and popular co-educational school has reached new heights in the rapidly changing interconnected world we live in today. Recently, Wellington College won the ‘Boarding school of the year’ award at the prestigious TES Independent School Awards 2018 in the UK.
About Wellington College China

Wellington College China was founded in 2009 as the exclusive partner of Wellington College in mainland China. It has extended the Wellington College family of schools to Shanghai and Tianjin, and soon to Hangzhou. The strong partnership with Wellington College in UK is constitutional and operational allowing for the sharing of much more than just curriculum guidance: it enables the Wellington College China group of schools to act as an extension of Wellington College in UK, accessing advice and guidance, sharing staff, conducting pupil and staff exchange visits and growing together to offer a uniquely vibrant and international academic community.

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