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South Korean Education Ministry spells out education plan facts
作者:Cho Jae-eun Park Su-ryon     来源:JoongAng Daily    日期: 2010-01-27
导读:Middle school English grades to be top deciders.

Local students applying to foreign language and international high schools for 2011 will be admitted based mostly on their middle school English grades and their study plans, according to the details released yesterday by the Education Ministry.

“We created this reform policy so that any cause to take part in private education will be eliminated,” said Vice Education Minister Lee Ju-ho. He added that extracurricular activities which are difficult for students from underprivileged homes to afford, will not be reflected in the assessment.

The new policy will affect 33 foreign language and six international schools nationwide. For foreign language high school applicants in 2011, out of 200 points, 160 will be based on only English-language grades from their second and third years in middle school. The remaining 40 points will be based on an interview process, which will include the student’s study plan, teacher recommendations and book reviews, all assessed by admissions officers hired by the Education Ministry. English listening and oral tests will be eliminated.

On the study plan, students are required to write a 600 word essay on why they are applying, their future study plans and extracurricular activities. Records of any non-school test scores, including Toefl, will not be allowed to be mentioned.

For international school applicants in 2011, middle school English language grades and study plans will be assessed as well as oral interviews and an English language essay.

Local foreign language high schools expressed displeasure with the new policy. “Other subjects besides English will be put on the back burner, which will ultimately result in low quality education in middle schools,” said Kang Seong-hwa, principal of Goyang Foreign Language High School.

There are worries that the stress on middle school English grades will further fuel dependency on private education. “If students get even one or two of the five- or eight-point questions wrong, they can be left out of the top four percentiles [in Korea regarding English grades],” said Yeo Jeong-hyeon, 44, who has a son in middle school preparing to apply to a foreign language high school.

Others questioned the supposed “fairness” of the interview process, saying teacher recommendations will vary with each student, making for a confusing evaluation process.

关键词:韩国 外语中学 政策




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