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[高一]Power of nature
作者:21ST    来源:21世纪中学生英文报·高一版第386期    日期: 2010-02-04

Norway Pavilion


Norway Powered by Nature


See natural landscape

View northern light

EVERYONE wants to live in a beautiful, comfortable and “livable” place, but not all know where it is. According to a yearly report published on October 5, 2009 by the United Nations, Norway is the most desirable country for living in the world. At the Shanghai World Expo, you will get to see its beautiful landscape and the country’s experiences in energy conservation right in front of your eyes.

The creative design of the pavilion presents Norway’s concept for the Expo – “Norway Powered By Nature”. It will be made of 15 Norwegian model trees. Each tree has four branches and varies from five to 15 meters in height. A canvas (帆布) is strapped (用带子绑住) to the tips of the branches, creating a roof for the structure. The roof will be able to collect solar energy to make the entire pavilion self-sufficient (自给自足的).

You can go to the terrace (露台) on the roof of the pavilion and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the building. The roof rises and falls, just like the waves and curves (曲线) of Norway’s ocean, coast, and mountains.

Maybe you have never been to Norway. But inside the pavilion, you can see the country’s “real” natural landscape and feel like you are walking in the country’s forests and mountains. The pavilion houses different Norwegian landscapes, including “the coast”, “the forest”, “the fjords (峡湾)”, “the mountains”, and “the Arctic”.

Norway is an Arctic country. Northern Norway is the northernmost point of the European continent, with the Arctic circle passing through it. You can see the beautiful polar (极地的) aurora (极光) in Northern Norway in winter. When night falls, these amazing “northern lights” will dance on the outer wall of the pavilion, with beautiful classical Norwegian music playing. You will feel like you are in a wonderland at the North Pole.

In the pavilion, you can learn about how using renewable energy like solar, wind and wave power can improve the quality of the air and climate in cities. The Norwegian scientists will also display projects on sustainable (可持续的) solutions. The “fjords” section will show how pollution affects the water. It will also show technology for cleaning the water.

You can also taste delicious Norwegian foods at the pavilion. You can eat salmon (鲑鱼), reindeer (驯鹿) and lamb, and drink pure Norwegian drinking water and fish-oil.

Did you know?

It is believed that the name Norway means “Path to the North”.

Since oil was discovered in Norway in 1969, it has been a source of wealth for this country. Norway is counted among the wealthiest countries of the world.

Norway was rated the most peaceful country in the world, in a survey conducted by Global Peace Index in 2007.

The troll (山妖) is one of the country’s national symbols. In Norwegian tales, a troll is a dwarf (侏儒) or giant who lives in caves or hills. It is ugly and powerful, but also stupid and naive (天真的). trolls have supernatural powers.

Key facts

Name: The Kingdom of Norway

Capital: Oslo

Official language: Norwegian

Area: 385,155km2, as large as China's Yunnan province.

Population: 4,680,000, as large as the urban population of China's city of Xi抋n.

Word building

desirable adj. 合意的,值得要的

The house is in a highly desirable neighborhood.

landscape n. 风景

The farm is set in a landscape of rolling hills.

entire adj. 整个的

We spent the entire day at the beach.

a bird’s-eye view 鸟瞰

Your can have a bird’s-eye view of the old town from here.

classical adj. 经典的

He has a large collection of classical music recordings.

renewable adj. 可再生的

Wind and water are renewable fuel sources.

Reading check

1. According to the article, what makes Norway the best place to live in the world?

A. Its beautiful scenery and energy-saving culture.

B. Its creative building designs.

C. Its beautiful classical music.

D. Its advanced economic policies.

2. Based on the article, at the Norway Pavilion, you will see all the following EXCEPT ______.

A. different Norwegian landscapes B. a family of polar bear

C. the technology for cleaning the water D. delicious Norwegian food

3. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the article?

A. The Norway Pavilion will be entirely powered by solar energy.

B. Norway’s ocean, coast, and mountains are painted on the canvas roof of the pavilion.

C. “Northern Lights” will light up the Norway Pavilion day and night.

D. Visitors get to experience Norway’s major architectural attractions in the Norway Pavilion.

4. The author’s attitude towards the design of the Norway Pavilion seems to be ______.

A. supportive B. doubtful

C. confused D. disapproving

关键词:高一 美文阅读



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