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Great test of will
作者:21ST    来源:初中版第131期    日期: 2010-03-24

A boy and his mother ask question about a high school in a consultation meeting in Nanjing. PHOTO BY DONG JINLIN

人教版初二年级:What should I do?


话题归类:计划与愿望 Plans and intentions

IS anyone busier than a Junior 3 student these days? Next month, Junior 3 students will take a big exam - the entrance (入学) exam to senior high school. How hard are they working? Do they feel afraid? Let's have a look:

1 Pan Shu, 15, Nanjing

"I have nine classes every day, from 7:45 am to 4:15 pm. You never have enough time in Junior 3. Every single minute is used for study. We still had music and art classes in April. But they disappear this month. I am a school reporter for Teens. But this semester, I didn't have time to look for a topic to write about. During every class, our teacher says the same words: 'You have no time to lose. You should study hard.'"

Dream school: Nanjing Foreign Language School.

Plan after the exam: lose weight.

My Junior 3 life: like a "war."

2 Zhao Weike, 15, Beijing

"I have eight classes every day, from 7:30 am to 3:35 pm.

I am lucky. About 60 of our school's 400 Junior 3 students were chosen to go directly (直接地) into the senior part of our school.

I am one of them. We'll still take the big exam in June. But the result isn't important any more. We began to learn from senior textbooks a month ago. Knowledge at a senior level is really challenging. For example, with English, I never knew I had to memorize (记忆) so many words and rules of grammar. It gives me a headache."

Plan after the exam: travel to Nanjing.

My Junior 3 life: busy, busy and busy!

3 Chen Jiajing, 15, Wuhan

"I have seven classes every day, from 8:00 am to 5:35 pm.

My Junior 3 life is boring. A normal day is made up of three parts: class, exercise and tests. But the atmosphere (气氛) of my class doesn't change much. Boys are still naughty. Girls still talk a lot, mostly about things that have nothing to do with study. We are not very stressed. Our class is the top one in the school, anyway."

Dream school: Wuhan No 49 Middle School.

Plan after the exam: travel to Jiuzhaigou.

My Junior 3 life: full of all kinds of tastes.

4 Zhang Chengwei, 16, Guiyang

"I have ten classes every day, from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm.

I have very little sleep. From March, I began to stay up until two o'clock in the morning. I get up at seven every day. I don't feel sleepy. I am willing to do it. I must go to a good senior high school so I can get into a good university.

Most of my classmates also study like this. But it won't last long. Life will return normal after June."

Dream school: Guiyang No 1 Middle School.

Plan after the exam: travel to Jiuzhaigou.

My junior 3 life: bitter (苦的) but happy.

Bonus points
disappear v. 消失 knowledge n. 知识 challenging adj. 挑战的
naughty adj. 捣蛋的

关键词:人教版 初二 What should I do? 计划与愿望 Plans and intentions



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