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Think before you eat
作者:21ST    来源:高中版第131期    日期: 2010-03-24

Teens eat a lot of food that is unhealthy for them.

人教版高一年级:Healthy eating

关键词:Problems with diet; Balanced diet and nutrition



YOU are what you eat so maybe it's time you started eating sensibly. Experts at the first Chinese Students Nutrition and Health Festival in Kunming last week singled out ten bad eating habits.

1. Watching television while having meals or snacks (零食).

Doing this means you don't pay attention to your food, forget how full you are, and so overeat. It can also cause digestion (消化) diseases. One way to avoid this is only to eat in certain areas of your home.

2. Replacing meals with snacks.

Many students think that eating small snacks can help them diet. But it often results in overeating and health problems related to a lack of vegetables, carbohydrates (碳水化合物), proteins (蛋白质) and vitamins. Snacking only works if it is well planned and includes healthy foods such as nuts, vegetables, fruit and yogurt (酸奶).

3. Having drinks rather than water.

Fizzy (有气泡的) drinks and fruit juice are usually high in calories and sugar, which can cause weight problems. Water is important in making your brain cells and every organ (器官) in your body work properly. For your body to burn fat, it needs at least eight glasses of pure water a day. Liquids like soda (苏打水) and coffee actually take water away from your body.

4. Refusing to drink milk.

Milk is the best natural food — it provides you with protein, which makes your bones strong and teeth healthy.

5. Choosing meat and certain vegetables over others.

Different foods provide different kinds of nutrition (营养). If you don't have a balanced diet, this can result in malnutrition and a weaker body.

6. Eating in front of the computer and staying there after meals.

Take a walk after eating and help your stomach digest the meal.

7. Buying from roadside snack bars.

If you shop at these places, be careful — many are not clean enough.

8. Too many barbecues (烧烤食物).

This kind of food is delicious but too much of it is harmful to your health and can even cause cancer.

9. Loving bright-coloured foods.

Some food manufacturers add extra pigments (色素) to attract kids. But these are in fact unhealthy chemicals.

10. Eating throat tablets (润喉片) as if they were sweets.

If you eat throat tablets when you have no throat disease, they may affect the bacteria (细菌) in your mouth and cause real throat problems.

Are you worried about your diet? If so, don't get too upset — there is still plenty of time to develop a healthier lifestyle. You will be glad you did!

single out: 挑选
replace v. 取代;代替
avoid v. 避免;消除
lifestyle n. 生活方式

关键词:人教版 高一 Healthy eating 健康Health



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