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A passion for school fashion
作者:21ST    来源:高中版第143期    日期: 2010-03-24

外研版高二年级:Highlights of My Senior Year

关键词:School life, teenage activities

话题归类:学校生活School life


WITH the start of the new semester students around the country exchange their fun and fashionable clothes for boring (令人厌烦的) school uniforms. But not all campuses are fashion deserts. Colourful sport shoes, school bags, T-shirts and even drink containers (水壶) are breathing life into campuses.

"The uniform makes us look like a bunch of clones, especially when we are doing morning exercises in the playground," said Qing Pei, a Senior 2 from Shanghai Qibao High School. "But we are not exactly the same from the top to the bottom. The boys wear different sport shoes and girls have different decorations (装饰品) in their hair. These are the areas where you can express yourself," said Qing.

Although it might be strange for boys to talk about fashion, they do care about what they wear in school, especially shoes, according to Qing.

"Nike and Adidas basketball shoes, although they are still the must-have item for many of my friends, are becoming out-of-date," Qing added. He explained that "Since Liu Xiang ran so fast in Athens, running shoes are becoming popular in this autumn."

Still in fashion are the various baseball caps and American-style T-shirts with random English words printed on them, said Qing. "The accuracy (准确性) of the written message isn't important. Often, the words are misspelt. Sometimes they do not even make sense," Qing said with a smile.

Besides sports shoes and T-shirts, styles and colours of school bags are another opportunity for students to express their taste in fashion. Some bags are made more eye-catching by decorating them with small hanging dolls.

Other fashionable items are the colourful drink containers which are now popular among girls this semester.

"Some teachers are surprised to see a teenager sucking a bottle like this at school and criticized it as a childish regression (退化). But some girls just love it," said Yang Rui, a Senior 3 from High School attached to Xi'an Jiaotong University.

As in China, the new semester in the US also brings new fashion trends: shirts printed with Chinese words, necklaces with Hebrew (希伯莱) or Hindi (印度的) characters, and Brazilian jewelry, are all common in schools in Florida, according to Carmen Domingues, a high school student.

关键词:外研版 高二 Highlights of My Senior Year 学校生活School life



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