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Power of Passion
作者:21ST    来源:初中版第137期    日期: 2010-03-31
人教版初三年级:Rainy day made me sad.




I DIDN'T think I had a passion. I would sit in front of the TV all day, thinking about nothing but the next show. 1

It was not long ago that I first learned how important having a passion is to life. 2

That day I went with my mum to drop my sister off at the gym. I was bored. Then, as my mum stopped at a red light, someone on the side of the road caught my eye. It was a man dressed in rags (破旧衣服). He was homeless. That didn't interest me, for I had seen many like him before.

But in some way he was different. This man was not sitting down with a sad expression (表情). He had a radio in his hand and was dancing happily to the music. The radio seemed to be the most precious thing he had.

"Mum, why does that man have a radio even though he's homeless?" I asked.

"He bought it," she replied. I was still puzzled.

"But if he's homeless, why doesn't he use the money to buy food or clothes? He wasted it on something he doesn't need."

"Well, Sarah, sometimes food and clothes aren't the most important things. We need happiness, too."

That man must care enough about music to buy a radio instead of food or clothes. I soon realized that happiness is the key to life. Without it, there's nothing to look forward to. A passion gives a person the happiness they need to keep going.

Since then I've never gone a day without thinking of what's truly important. A home, a meal, clothes - these things are only part of the picture. 3 What's often forgotten is that we all need a joy, a light in a dark day. We all need a passion.

By Sarah S., US

Key words

passion n. 强烈的情感 (strong feeling of hate, love or anger)

He has a great passion for English.

precious adj. 宝贵的 (of great value; highly valued)

I'll never forget the precious moment we spent together.

puzzled adj. 迷惑的 (unable to understand)

She listened with a puzzled expression on her face.

waste v. 浪费 (use sth. needlessly)

He wastes lots of his time playing computer games.

Sentence bank

释义: I would just watch TV all day. I wouldn't care about anything else. 我会一天到晚看电视,一心只想着下一个电视节目。

短语:nothing but 仅仅

I want nothing but a CD player. 我只想要一个CD播放器。

释义: I just learned that it's important to really love something if you want to enjoy life. 我不久前才认识到热情对生活是很重要的。

结构:It is …that … 是强调结构,可以强调时间、地点、原因等。

It was yesterday that I realized my mistake. 我是昨天才意识到自己搞错了。

It was in the living room that I found my missing key. 我是在客厅找到那把弄丢的钥匙的。

释义: Food, clothing and shelter are not the only things that make up our lives. 一个家、一顿饭、一件衣服都只是我们生活的一部分。

修辞:a home, a meal, clothes 在这里是借代用法,泛指物质生活。

Writer's toolbox



关键词:人教版 初三 Rainy day made me sad. 个人情感Emotions



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