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[高二]Fighting the drought
作者:21ST    来源:21世纪学生英文报·高二版第392期    日期: 2010-04-16


词数 490 建议阅读时间 8分钟 教案和课件见网站

FOR most of us, a drink of water is just a matter of turning on a tap. But for those in drought-stricken (遭受旱灾的) southwestern China, water can’t be taken for granted. Its present shortage is a matter of life and death to them.

On March 26, Cha Jixiu, a middle aged woman from Weishan county, Yunnan province died when she fell down on the road to fetch water for her walnut (核桃) trees. Cha leaves two children and three frail (体弱多病的) adults.

The tragedy is the direct result of the drought that has hit a large area of southwestern China, and is affecting more than 60 million people. The entire nation is making an effort to combat (抗击) it.

The drought began last autumn, ravaging (肆虐) Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan and Chongqing. There is no sign of it going away soon. Experts say the drought is a result of less rainfall, insufficient (不足的) water reserves, high temperatures, dated irrigation (灌溉) projects, environmental damage and global climate change.

Five million hectares (公顷) of farmland are affected. Direct economic losses due to the drought are 23.7 billion yuan, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. *Cracked land, and dried up wells and rivers can be found everywhere. Cracks have even appeared at Kunming Wujiaba Airport in Yunnan.

More than 20 million people are having difficulties getting safe drinking water. “We’ve not been able to have a bath for almost a year,” said Lin Guangde, 60, of Yanshan county, Yunnan. “It is difficult to find drinking water, let alone bathe.”

The drought is also affecting schoolchildren’s studies. “I am worried that my family will get no harvest this year. In that case, my family will not be able to afford my living costs,” an unnamed boarding schoolgirl at Yizi Primary School in Chuxiong, Yunnan, told Dazhong Daily.

But thanks to measures taken under the leadership of the central government, the drinking water problem has been greatly eased. According to Zhang Zhitong, executive (行政的) director of the Office of the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters (国家防汛抗旱总指挥部), each person in the five worst-hit provinces is being supplied with drinking water and 20 liters of water for other purposes each day.

Local authorities are digging deep wells and creating artificial (人工的) rain. Military personnel (人员) are helping to transport water from Zhejiang to Guizhou and Yunnan, according to China Central Television. In Sichuan, locals are turning to drought resistant crops. Other parts of China are helping by giving water and donating other resources.

The drought has also brought home the urgency of saving and donating water for the people in the drought-stricken areas. According to the China Youth Daily, the Chinese authorities have urged every member of the Communist Youth League and Young Pioneers to donate one bottle of water to the drought-affected population in Southwest China on March 25.


*cracked意为“有裂缝的,龟裂的”。动词形式是crack,意思是“断裂,折断”。例如:The mirror cracked.镜子破裂了。还可以指“解决”。例如:crack a case (破案)。



take… for granted


We took our invitation to the party for granted.

tragedy //

n. 悲剧,悲惨事件

Her death was a terrible tragedy.

ease //

vt. 减弱,减轻(痛苦、负担)

This should ease the burden on busy teachers.

urgency //

n. 紧迫,紧急 (urgent adj.)

I'm not convinced of the urgency of the problem.


…each person in the five worst-hit provinces is being supplied with drinking water and 20 liters of water for other purposes each day.



1. Would you please keep silent? The weather report ______ and I want to listen. (09湖南卷)

A. is broadcast B. is being broadcast

C. has been broadcast D. had been broadcast


2. No decision ______ about any future appointment until all the candidates have been interviewed. (08北京卷)

A. will be made B. is made

C. is being made

D. has been made

Key: BA

关键词:高二 Fighting the drought



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