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Taking science back home
作者:21ST    来源:高中版第146期    日期: 2010-09-28

Zhai Wenjia doing an experiment in his lab.

外研版高一年级:A lesson in a lab

关键词:Numbers; scientific experiment

话题归类:科普知识与现代技术Popular science and modern technology


AS Zhai Wenjia goes home from school he looks like an ordinary student. But swimming around his head are the plans for chemical experiments he will carry out in his own personal laboratory.

Last October Zhai created his own lab in his house after pleading (央求) with his parents to allow him. He used to show them books about famous chemists who had started laboratories when they were young.

Every weekend Zhai, a Senior 1 student from Jinzhou High School in Liaoning Province, visited a chemistry shop to buy the basic equipment and chemicals required for his lab. He became such a regular customer, stocking up on test tubes (试管), beakers (烧杯) and chemicals, that the boss gave him a discount (折扣).

"Now my lab has lots of equipment. It used to be in my bedroom but now it is part of our study," said the 16-year-old proudly.

Zhai remembers the first time he did an experiment in his home lab. He found a chapter in his textbook about a strange chemical reaction (化学反应): he mixed one colourless chemical with a yellow one and they turned a sort of red colour.

"I succeeded, without any teacher's instruction," Zhai recalled excitedly.

From then on, Zhai became more interested in chemistry. As his mother is a chemistry teacher, he has access to lots of books, which increases the number of experiments he can do to more than just those in his standard textbook.

Zhai has lots of rules to ensure the lab is safe. For example, he labels every bottle and checks all equipment before and after each experiment.

"The rules also make my work more efficient because I know where to find things," he said.

Zhai's parents worried the lab would affect his studies. But it turned out that the boy made great progress after the lab was built. To his parents' delight, he was even accepted at a local key high school this September.

"He has to manage his time well and read widely if he wants to complete an experiment or prove an idea. We're glad that he is learning how to study, which is important for one's life," explained his father, Zhai Liujian.

Despite a busy life at high school, Zhai always finds time for the lab. At the moment he is teaching himself college chemistry.

"This National Day, my lab is one year old. The best way to celebrate is to make more use of it than before," Zhai said.

关键词:外研版 高一 A lesson in a lab 科普知识与现代技术Popular science and modern technology



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