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Our great oceans
作者:21ST    来源:初中版第1期     日期: 2010-11-02
牛津版初一年级:Sea water and rain water, Forests and land

关键词:water in oceans, saving water, how people use water, forest and land



IF you look down at our planet from outer space (太空), most of what you see is water. In fact, oceans and seas cover more than 70 per cent of the planet's surface (表面).

Millions of years ago, there were no oceans on the earth. The surface of the earth was very hot, so water boiled away. As the earth cooled down, steam (水蒸气) in the air began to fall down as rain. It rained and rained for many thousands of years and made the first seas on the earth.

Giving us the air we breathe and the food we eat

There are five oceans in the world — the Pacific Ocean (太平洋), Atlantic Ocean (大西洋), Indian Ocean (印度洋), Southern Ocean (南大洋) and Arctic Ocean (北冰洋), from the largest to the smallest. They are all connected to one another.

Oceans are a large and wonderful world full of strange and interesting animals and plants.

More than 275,000 kinds of fish and other animals live in the ocean. Most of them live in the surface waters because there is enough food there.

But there are also some unique (独特的) animals in the deepest part of the ocean. Some animals live their whole life in the ocean (such as whales) and others can spend time in the ocean or on land (such as sea lions). They are very important to our life.

Believe it or not, half of the oxygen (氧气) we breathe is produced by algae (藻类), the oldest plants on earth!

Each year we eat about 29 million tons of fish, much more than cattle, sheep and eggs. Without the oceans, we can not live!

Full of enough gold to keep everyone happy

The oceans are also rich in minerals (矿物), oil and natural gas and many other resources. Every natural element (元素) can be found in the ocean. About 3.5 per cent of ocean water is made up of salt which we eat everyday.

Nearly one-third of the world's oil comes from our oceans. In fact, there is a lot of gold in ocean water, too. If all the gold in the world's seawater were mined (提炼), each person on earth could have about four kilograms of gold!

关键词:牛津版 初一 Sea water and rain water, Forests and land 自然Nature


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