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Key issues at the UN World Conference Against Racism
作者:21ST    来源:21世纪报报纸电子版第419期     日期: 2010-11-30
外研版高三年级:Slavery and the American Civil War



Racism: "The horrors of racism — from slavery to the Holocaust to apartheid and ethnic cleansing — have deeply wounded the victim and degraded those who have committed these acts. These horrors are still with us in various forms," according to WCAR secretary-general Mary Robinson.

The WCAR is expected to establish standards, mechanisms, and solutions to ensure the full respect of rights and culture of people. It will take account of groups as diverse as the indigenous San in southern Africa, the Inuit in Canada and the Saami in Scandanavia.

Slavery and colonialism: For the first time this issue will come up for international debate at the WCAR. Africans will seek an apology and repayment for the damage caused by slavery, abolished in the early 1800s. But their proposal was not about "people queuing up to collect envelopes full of money." African states want former colonial masters to assist in efforts to promote growth and stability on the continent through programmes such as the New African Initiative rescue plan.

The issue of "modern slavery" — through bonded or forced labour, trafficking in humans and "chattel" slavery in which humans are bought and sold — will also be raised. Children will be the focus in talks on child labour, the commercial exploitation of children and early and forced marriage. A slave ship with around 150 children on board was reportedly spotted off the west African coast recently.

Zionism: For a third time the movement that led to the creation of the modern state of Israel was raised in the context of a United Nations discussion on racism. The Arab and Asian regions want a resolution that equates Zionism with racism. Anti-Israel groups argue that Zionism is a theory of racism and ethnic cleansing disguised as nationalism.

However, on Tuesday, controversial language equating Zionism with racism has been removed from the agenda of the conference under increasing US threat to boycott the meeting.

India's caste system: Under this age-old discriminatory system, the Dalit population of 160 million have been kept in the lowest level of Indian society on the basis of birth and descent. The WCAR will hear a submission from the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights group which has the support of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

关键词:外研版 高三 Slavery and the American Civil War 历史History



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