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She wants a better world
作者:21ST    来源:高中版第210期    日期: 2010-11-30
外研版高三年级:Slavery and the American Civil War




GOOD morning, judges, teachers and fellow students.

Today I'd like to share my greatest wish with you but, first, please allow me to take you back in time to the year 1955; the setting: Montgomery, Alabama, the United States of America.

It started as an ordinary December afternoon. 42-year-old African-American Rosa Parks boarded a bus and sat down in the first row(排). She thought over the day's events, her chores (家务事) at home and how she enjoyed her simple life. She was content, but once she thought about the prejudice and discrimination that she had to face every day, she felt immense (非常大的) pain. How she wished to live in a world of true harmony?

"Mm, Mmph!" Rosa was startled (震惊) to see a white man standing beside her seat. He was staring at her coldly, but she managed to smile and ask politely, "May I help you, sir?"

"Get out of the seat!" the man snarled (怒骂) back.

"Excuse me!" Rosa was shocked! What right did the man have to speak to her in such a cruel tone just because her skin was dark-coloured and his was fair (白色)! And, as equals, he certainly didn't have any right to order her out of the seat. Or did he?

Well, surprisingly, in 1955, blacks like Rosa Parks did not have as many rights as whites. Due to racial discrimination, Rosa Parks' refusal to give up her seat to a white man led to a call to the police and she was arrested, jailed, and convicted (宣告有罪) of violating segregation laws (种族隔离法).

But Rosa Parks did not surrender to prejudice! Instead she chose to fight discrimination and worked alongside thousands of others in her wish to rid the world of racism (种族主义)!

And now, half a century later, segregation laws have disappeared, but prejudice lives on.

I, too share the wish of Rosa Parks, for I, too wish that prejudice will come to an end!

And friends, prejudice will come to an end if we all work together as a whole! Let us judge others not by their skin-colour and appearance, but rather by the content of their character! Let us learn to accept different cultures and ways and enjoy a world of diversity (多样性)!

I wish, to look up on a rainy day and see a spectrum(光谱)of colours, a rainbow resting on the clouds.

I wish to look around on a lonely day and see a blending of colours, harmony among people of all skin colours!

By Li Laiyin

Shenzhen Middle School


setting n. 背景

discrimination n. 歧视

jail v. 监禁

rid v. 使...摆脱

a blending of: 混合;融合

Editor's note

Here we present the texts of the winning speeches on the topic "My wish" at the fourth "21st Century ?Shenzhen Daily Cup" National High School English Speaking Competition, held on November 26-27.

Besides the formal speeches, the competition has two impromptu (即兴的) sections: questions related to their speeches and questions on a wide range of topics the contestants picked from a random list before going onstage.

关键词:外研版 高三 Slavery and the American Civil War 历史History



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