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作者:21ST    来源:高中版第53期     日期: 2010-12-07
人教版高二年级:Global Warming

关键词:Global warming; Pollution; The importance of protecting the earth

话题归类:热点话题Topical issue

No.1 in country


His trademark cowboy hat, his blond (金黄色的) hair and his pure, thoughtful eyes never age with time.

American country singer Alan Jackson was a hit as he won five awards at the 36th Country Music Association (CMA) Awards on November 6 in Nashville (纳什维尔), Tennessee. He proved his power and star image by winning CMA's top "Entertainer of the Year" award 13 years after he broke into the country music scene. He said: "CMA's been too generous to me tonight. Other people are more exciting on stage, I just walk out there and sing."

The tall, thin 44-year-old got a record-breaking 10 nominations (提名) for his successful song "Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)" and album "Drive" released in January this year.

Jackson's success lies in the fact that he remains down-to-earth in the face of all the praise the industry gives him.

He sings about the same people he writes his songs for. His music continues to bring fans back to one very simple, yet deep tradition. Country music has always been by the people, about the people, and for the people.

As a singer and songwriter, Jackson has never hidden away from the problems, the pain, the regrets and the broken hearts of ordinary lives. He does talk to people through his music.

"When I hear Alan sing about corn bread, I can smell my mother's cooking," said a fan from Dallas, Texas.

Country music is an American style of popular music. It comes from traditional oral music brought to the US by immigrants (移民) from Britain.

This music then combined with folk music from the rural (乡村) southern US. Until the 1920s it was performed largely at home, in church or at local events, on violins and guitars.

Later it developed commercially (商业化), with local radio and recordings of artists like John Carson, Jimmie Rodgers and the Cater Family, who gave this type of music its traditional feel.

By the middle of the 1930s, a popular style had developed, mixing elements (要素) of traditional and more recent urban (城市的) music.

After World War II, Nashville became the centre of country music. The style broadened, adding south-western and south-eastern elements, to bring together many other types of popular music in the 1960s and 1970s and make it more national.

Other well-known performers include Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. The subject matter for country songs has continued to be things like mothers and home, prison, hard work, love and religion.


Date of birth: October 17,1958

Birthplace: Newman, Georgia

Previous profession (职业): car-seller, construction worker (建筑工人)

First album: "Here in the Real World", released in 1989

Albums sold: 39 million worldwide

The story introduces some background knowledge on country music. It is especially for the reference of teachers and students in Senior 1 who will learn Unit 11 "Country music" in "Senior English for China" published by People's Education Press.

trademark n. 标志性
generous adj. 慷慨的
down-to-earth: 脚踏实地
regret n. 悔恨,遗憾
combine with: 结合
broaden v. 扩大

关键词:人教版 高二 Global Warming 热点话题Topical issue


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