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Land of make believe
作者:21ST    来源:21英语网    日期: 2010-12-07

A student worker introduces services at the “Four Seasons Hotel”. PHOTO BY LIU JINMEI

人教版高三年级:Learning efficiently

关键词:Language learning strategies; How to improve reading, speaking, listening and writing skills

话题归类:语言学习Language learning


"Welcome to New York City," says the girl at customs. "What's your nationality?" She smiles as you show your customs card (海关入境卡) and passport.

Then a tour guide takes you out of the airport and onto the noisy streets. All the passers-by are speaking English. You might almost believe you are in the biggest city in the US.

But in fact, it is the New York Virtual City (虚拟城市), which was set up at Beijing Euro-America Foreign Languages School this month. The virtual city is specially designed for students to have English classes. The streets are lined with restaurants, hotels, bars, souvenir (纪念品) stores and subway stations.

"We cannot learn English well if we don't use the language. The environment plays a very important role in encouraging students to talk in English," said Zhao Yulin, the school's president. "There are few chances for us to go to New York City, so we have made one of our own."

Oral English classes are held in the virtual city at least once a week, with students able to choose what roles to play. But they must all visit five or six shops and scenic spots within a time limit. At each location, they have to communicate with the person in charge and achieve required goals.

"Hopefully, students will have lots of questions after the tour. That's the point of the virtual city," said Aric Queen, an American teacher in the school, who has worked hard on the project. "For instance, why is this hotel US$200 a night when that one is US$10 a night. Why is it so cheap to shop at this store and so expensive to eat in that restaurant?"

As it is so different to traditional classes, teenagers enjoy learning English this way.

"It can be difficult speaking in the classroom, when everyone is staring at you," said Liang Xiao, who serves as a tour guide. "But in this city, we have to create and act out certain scenes. You never have to speak on your own because everyone is questioning or bargaining (讨价还价) in English."

Liang and his classmates often research a certain field before class in order to understand American culture and learn related vocabulary. This means they can easily explain or answer questions. If new problems appear, Queen is always there to help.

"When students start out, it's very scary because it's a large place, just like New York City. However, after they come back again and again, they realize where it is best to eat and sleep and how to get a tax refund (退税) done," Queen said.

"They learn to use English to try things out and survive in a foreign country. Once they do this, the students forget they are learning, which makes the class more fun."

关键词:人教版 高三 Learning efficiently 语言学习Language learning



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