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Safer roads for all
作者:21ST    来源:初中版第34期    日期: 2010-12-14
牛津版初一年级:Different places Signs and rules

关键词:Neighborhood, transport, direction, instruction, warning

话题归类:周围的环境Personal environments

外研版初二年级:Traditional life

关键词:Signs around the world



IMAGINE (设想) this: It's May Day. You're travelling, and people are everywhere. You need to hurry to the train station, but you can't find the bus stop.

Suddenly, you see your bus. It's on the other side of the street, and it's leaving soon! You try to fight through the crowds (人群), but the light turns red.

You want to run across the street to catch the bus. But wait! You'd better not. If a policeman sees you, you'll have to pay a fine (罚款).

New traffic laws (交通法) say that if people cross the street when the light is red, they can be fined as much as 50 yuan.

This became a law in October, and it was first put into use during the May Day holiday.

Traffic accidents killed more than 104,000 people in China last year, or more than 280 people each day. Chinese cities have more cars than ever. Drivers and pedestrians (行人) must work together to make the streets safer.

Driving more politely

The law has new rules (规章) for drivers and pedestrians. Drivers have to slow down when they are close to crosswalks. If people are in a crosswalk, cars must stop to let them walk. If there are no traffic signals (信号), drivers must also let pedestrians go first.

The law also lets drivers solve (解决) problems between them more freely. In traffic accidents, if the drivers can agree on who pays for the damages(损失), they don't need to call the police. This way, they can solve the problem more quickly and keep traffic moving smoothly (顺畅地). Of course, if someone is badly hurt or killed, they should wait for police to come.

There are rules for bus drivers, too. If bus drivers smoke, drink or make phone calls while driving, they can be fined. Buses that carry too many people are also against the law.

Pedestrians will have to walk more safely under the new law. They must cross streets at crosswalks. And if there are no traffic signals, pedestrians must look to make sure it's safe to cross. Also, they shouldn't climb over the fences (栅栏) along streets. You might not see a car coming!

They're watching you

Even if there are no policemen around, don't think it's safe to cross the street on a red light. Traffic police have got monitors (监测器)! These machines can take your picture and help the police find you later.

Do you bike to school? It's not a good idea to carry classmates on the back. You could be fined 50 yuan.

And stay in the bike lane (车道) when you're riding. The big roads are for cars and buses.

Do you like to ride your uncle's motorbike? When you put on your helmet (头盔), ask him to put one on, too. People on motorbikes must wear helmets, the new law says. If they don't, they'll have to pay 200 yuan.

Do you ride in cars often? Don't forget to put on your seat belt (安全带), even if you're going for a short taxi ride. It could save your life.

The law also tells us how to help others stay safe. Little children can't cross streets by themselves. So when you see little ones crossing the street, help them do it safely.

If you see a hit-and-run (肇事逃逸), tell the police. They may give you a reward (奖赏).

And don't be afraid to help people to the hospital if they are hurt in an accident. Don't worry about money. The new law says that doctors must take care of them even if they can't pay right away.

as much as: 和...一样多
slow down: 减速
agree on: 在某事上达成一致
put on: 戴上

关键词:牛津版 初一 Different places Signs and rules 周围的环境Personal environments 外研版 初二 Traditional life 社会Society



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