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Different ways to learn
作者:21ST    来源:初中版第42期     日期: 2010-12-21

Kids enjoy doing all kinds of activities at summer camp.

外研版初三年级:Summer in LA

关键词:Summer camps


"I HAD a great time this summer!" That's what Beijing girl Yang Yingfan said when she got back from a week of summer camp (夏令营) last year. Yang, a Junior 2 from Beida Resource Middle School, learned how to swim and tried making pottery (陶器) for the first time.

"I learned a lot, and I met many new friends my age. Some of them I miss even today," she said.

Do you want to have a summer like Yang's? It's easy. Just go to summer camp! You can learn lots of things and have fun.

Lots to choose from

Lots of kids all over the world are enjoying summer camps these days. They are especially (特别地) popular in America. Each summer, more than 10 million (百万) American children go to different kinds of summer camps.

Some camps help you to learn other languages in foreign countries. Teachers introduce (介绍) you to a family in another country. You go and live with them for a while. Every day, you get to talk with them, eat with them and maybe even go to parties.

While you're in another country, you can also film a documentary (纪录片) to tell your friends and family about your life there. And when you get back home, you'll have lots of pen pals (笔友).

If you're interested in history, you can go to an archaeology (考古学) camp. There, archaeologists will teach you how to carefully dig old things out of the ground. Then, in a laboratory (实验室), you'll find out how old they are.

If you like outdoor sports, then go to an adventure (冒险) camp! Kids do many different things at adventure camps. Canoeing (划独木舟) is just one of them. This kind of camp is a good way to enjoy the outdoors. And doing so many things with others is a great way to make friends. If you need a rest, you can go fishing.

Ways to help, too

Of course, summer camps aren't all about adventure or study. At some camps, kids do community service (社区服务). Campers clean up their cities or spend time with old or sick people.

Summer campers get to meet people from different places and learn how to work with others. They also help kids to get stronger. So if you want to have fun this summer, why not try going to camp?

关键词:外研版 初三 Summer in LA 旅游Travel



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