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[高三]I will fit in here
作者:21ST    来源:21世纪学生英文报·高三版第408期    日期: 2010-12-30

IT was one of my first lessons as an international student at my school on the outskirts (郊区) of New York City. My US History teacher had just finished his lesson. He sat back in his armchair comfortably, and asked: “Was there anybody doing anything interesting yesterday?”

“I drew a panda, which was awesome!” a girl beside me shouted, and a burst of laughter followed.

Then, the talk developed rapidly. Someone said he had received his learner’s driving permit, while another mentioned that she had spent the first salary from her part-time job. Everybody seemed to have something to say. Although there was a range of people, from different ethnic (种族的) backgrounds, people seemed to feel at home with each other.

Not me. I stayed aloof from the discussion. I skimmed my notes until I looked up to see another teacher come in and share some cookies he had made yesterday. The beautifully baked cookies sent out an appetizing smell, which made it impossible to concentrate on my work any longer. However, my seat was in the back row, and I was too shy to stand up and take a cookie for myself. Boy though, did I want one of those cookies!

“Go ahead and grab one!” It was the history teacher: “If you don’t stand up, nobody is gonna feed you!”

I was still hesitant (犹豫的), but I got up and took a cookie with some other classmates. Now I felt more at ease. We laughed about how “greedy (贪吃的)” we were.

“Here you go,” my teacher smiled. “This is the United States of America you should believe in.”

Walking in the hallway a couple of days later, a girl came up and said “hi”. “Do you remember the cute panda I drew the other day?” She asked.

“Absolutely, it was awesome!” I knew I had made my first new friend in a world full of strangers.

The cookie “crisis” had taught me a lesson. I would have to be less shy in the United States. Here was a mixed and various culture, and if I wanted to get anywhere I would have to brave its newness and difference and make myself heard, just as the teacher had said. Otherwise, “nobody is gonna feed you.” It was something a person new to the US, such as myself, needed to learn.

By Tang Jiewen, an exchange student at Middletown High School in New York, US

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