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[高三]Let's drink a tea
作者:21ST    来源:21世纪学生英文报·高三版第409期    日期: 2011-01-07

TEA has long been a part of daily life in China. As a Chinese saying has it: “Firewood, rice, cooking oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea are the seven necessities to begin a day.” But tea is so much more than just a hot drink.

Take tea bag art for example, which has become increasingly fashionable. Japanese artist Mari Omori takes used tea bags and fashions them into bizarre (奇异的) but amazing sculptures.

Omori says her success is down to her Asian heritage and love of a good cup of tea. A lot of the used tea bags in her work come from cups of tea she has drunk. The etiquette (礼仪) that often accompanies (伴随) sharing tea with guests in Asian cultures influences her work.

While tea bag artists may be impressing wealthy collectors, Chinese people have perfected the simpler, but much broader ranging, art of enjoying tea.

The association of artistry (艺术性) and drinking tea can be best seen in the Chinese tea ceremony, in which there is an obvious intricacy (复杂) and creativity in preparing, serving and tasting the tea.

But the fact is you don’t need a tea ceremony to appreciate tea. The familiar taste of Chinese green tea is warm and welcoming when drunk from a taxi driver’s tea flask, from a thermos in a guesthouse in a small town on a cold night or from your favorite cup in your apartment after a long day out.

Tea is something of a liquid equalizer. Everybody drinks it – locals, newcomers, migrant workers, office workers and top authorities. People drink tea with meals and they drink it on its own. They drink it by themselves and they drink as an excuse to socialize (社交).

Although tea is a commonality, it also highlights how dissimilar they can be. Tea in China is like wine in France – every region, with its different climate and different soil, produces a different type of tea.

When many people are all drinking the same pot of tea, there are sometimes differing opinions on how long to let it steep (泡茶). Some like it strong enough to knock your socks off, others prefer it lighter.

One thing is certain – nothing is more typically Chinese than a cup of tea, whatever type it is and however strong it may be.

By Steve Hubrecht, China Daily



be somebody’s cup of tea是某人喜欢的类型;对……感兴趣(someone likes something or is interested in it)

例如:This spy novel is just my cup of tea.

关键词:高三 Let's drink a tea


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