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[高二]Do-it-yourself UK
作者:21ST    来源:21世纪学生英文报·高二版第423期    日期: 2011-01-21

Last week I visited my friend Pete in the new home where he lives with his wife and daughter. Pete used to spend his holidays travelling the world, visiting the pyramids in Egypt or scuba diving in the Caribbean. Nowadays he prefers to spend his holidays and weekends making his house look more beautiful. Like hundreds of thousands of other British people, he has discovered the joy of DIY (Do It Yourself), which means if there are any things that need fixing around the house, he will try to do the job himself.

As he showed me the new kitchen he put together by himself and the newly painted walls, I asked Pete where he got his inspiration from. He told me that his favourite source of ideas was a DIY programme on TV.

This got me thinking about the enormous popularity of DIY programmes in the UK. Each major channel has at least one home or garden makeover show and there’s even a satellite channel entirely devoted to the subject.

I guess it is not really surprising that DIY programmes are so popular. Two common sayings in Britain – “an Englishman’ s home is his castle” and “there’s no place like home” – show how important our houses are to us. With the current economic downturn, many people can’t afford to buy a bigger house so they are looking at how they can make their house better without spending a lot of money. DIY is the perfect option.

But beware! I read a report that said over 230,000 people were injured while doing home improvements in the UK in just one year, including 41,000 who fell off ladders and 5,800 who were seriously hurt by hammers. So I won’t be going down to the hardware store.

I’ll stick to watching DIY on TV with a nice cup of tea! By Ellen Darling

Activity – idioms

“There’s no place like home” is a popular English idiom. Complete these idiomatic expressions with “house(s)” or “home”.

1. Charity begins at _______.

2. They get on like a _______ on fire.

3. Come in! Make yourself at _______.

4. The food was nothing to write _______ about.

5. My teenage son eats us out of ________ and _______.

6. People who live in glass ________ shouldn’t throw stones.

Answers:1 home 2 house 3 home

4 home 5 house and home 6 houses

关键词:高二 Do-it-yourself UK



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