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Friends for a lifetime
作者:21ST    来源:初中版第90期    日期: 2011-03-15
牛津版初三年级:Tom Sawyer

关键词:The adventure of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain

话题归类:文学与艺术Literature and art


TOM Sawyer is a young boy who likes to do naughty (调皮的) things. His mother is dead so he and his younger brother, Sidney, live with his Aunt Polly.

Tom does not like studying and is always trying to think of ways to skip (逃) school. Sometimes he pretends to be ill. Sometimes he just runs away from his aunt when she's trying to punish (惩罚) him!

The story starts with naughty Tom hiding from his Aunt Polly. Tom runs away from her and doesn't go to school that day. Later, Aunt Polly tries to find out where Tom went. Tom is so smart that he manages (设法) to fool her by lying to her. His younger brother, Sidney, is smart too and tells his Aunt the truth to try to get Tom into trouble. But Tom is smarter and runs away.

Getting into fights

Tom sometimes fights with the other boys in the neighbourhood. Because of this, the mothers don't like Tom very much!

One evening Tom goes for a walk and meets another boy. Tom challenges the boy to a fight and wins. But when he gets home very late, his aunt is angry with him and punishes him.

She makes Tom paint the fence outside the house all day while his friends play and have fun.

But Tom has a smart idea! His friends want to paint too so Tom lets them. They each have to give Tom something so they can paint. Tom is so smart!

Making friends

One day Tom meets Huckleberry Finn. His friends call him Huck. He has a hard life. He sleeps outside and doesn't go to school. He doesn't have a mother, and his father was a drunk (醉鬼) and left him. So now there is nobody to look after him. All the boys think Huck is cool because he can do whatever he wants.

Tom was not allowed to play with Huck, but he did anyway! Tom gets into trouble with his teacher just for talking to Huck.

Falling in love

Tom also falls in love in the story. He is out playing one day and sees the most beautiful girl. Her name is Becky Thatcher. She has blonde (金色的) hair and blue eyes. Tom thinks she looks like an angel.

Tom and Becky become friends. Then he asks her to marry him. She accepts (接受) and Tom kisses her. They agree not to love anyone else for the rest of their lives.

But then, without thinking, Tom tells her he once had another girlfriend. Becky gets upset. Tom runs into the hills and doesn't go back to school that day.

Night adventure

Late one night, Huck and Tom go to a graveyard (坟墓) together. Huck tells Tom they can drive away devils there! While they're waiting to see the devils they hear voices. Huck and Tom get very scared.

Then they see three men. The men start to dig up a dead body. But then the men start to argue and fight. One of them hurts the other with a knife. Huck and Tom run away fast.

Friends Forever

Tom and Huck promise (承诺) not to tell anyone about what they see that night. To seal (保持) their friendship they each put drops of their own blood onto a piece of wood and then they bury the wood in the ground. They sing strange songs while they do this. This is how Huck and Tom became friends for life!

Who wrote it?
The American writer, Mark Twain, wrote the Adventures of Tom Sawyer". Twain loved to travel as well as write books. He wrote this story in 1876. He fell in love wiht the far south of America and the Mississippi River. He used them to set the scene in this book.

关键词:牛津版 初三 Tom Sawyer 文学与艺术Literature and art



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