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[高一]Simplifying food health
作者:21ST    来源:21世纪学生英文报·高一版第441期     日期: 2011-07-06

词数 372 建议阅读时间 7分钟 教案和课件见网站 测试见7版

WITH more and more people getting overweight, how to eat properly has become an important issue. A new guide “My Plate” was published by the US

Agriculture Department (农业部) on June 2, replacing the old guide – different forms of food pyramid (金字塔). It is divided into four slightly different-sized sections. Fruits and vegetables take up half the space, while grains and protein make up the other half. The vegetables and grains parts are the largest of the four.

Gone are the old food pyramid’s references to sugars, fats or oils.? What was once a part called “meat and beans” is now simply “protein”, making way for seafood and vegetarian choices like tofu. Next to the plate is a blue circle for dairy (奶制品), which could be a glass of milk or a food such as cheese or yogurt.

The US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said the new round chart (图表) shows that nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. After almost 20 years of leaders preaching (倡导) good eating through a food pyramid, obesity (肥胖) rates have skyrocketed (大幅上升). The department now says the food pyramid was overly complex.

Speaking at the publication, US First Lady Michelle Obama said: “When it comes to eating, what’s more useful than a plate, what’s more simple than a plate? The new design is a quick, simple reminder for all of us to be more mindful (留心的) of the foods we’re eating.”

Even though the plate is divided into four different-sized sections, the servings (份) don’t have to be proportional (成比例的), Robert Post, a US nutrition official said. Every person has different nutritional needs, based on age, health and other factors.

However, some people questioned the new guideline (方针). Walter Willett, chairman of the department of nutrition at Harvard University, said it is far from perfect and that it alone does not tell people which foods are good and bad to eat.

He believes that to make informed choices, people need additional information. “It really makes a difference whether the grains you eat are whole grains or refined (精细的) grains,” said Willett. “It makes a huge difference what kind of proteins are being consumed – to be healthy, we need to be replacing the meat with a mix of chicken, nuts and legumes (豆类).” AP-21st

关键词:高一 Simplifying food health



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