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[高二]Making the piano sing
作者:21ST    来源:21世纪学生英文报·高二版第441期     日期: 2011-07-07

词数 325 建议阅读时间 5分钟

教案和课件见网站 测试见7版

THE spotlight comes on. A girl in a long, soft dress sits behind a grand piano on an open and vast stage. Her eyes are dark and unreadable, her expression serious. She starts the piece. Her eyes close, and her body moves with the tunes that flow from the opening of the piano, the strings reverberating (回响) a soulful (深情的) and deep tone (曲调). Her pale fingers contrast (对比) with the harsh black and white of the keys; they dance, and fly up and down the keyboard, leaving a trail (痕迹) of impressed keys. Her black hair swishes (甩动) back and forth, as her head moves with the music. Completely focused and taken by the piece, she pours her heart and soul into the piano, and her spirit flies within the echoes (回响) of the melody.

This girl is me during the annual Chopin Academy recital (独奏会) at the Meydenbauer Center, a performance hall in Washington state. I am playing a
Nocturne (夜曲) by Frédéric Chopin, a piece that I love and feel a deep connection with. This “night song” has an intense (强烈的) and expressive (富于表现力的) harmony, with a singing and poignant (深沉的) melody. I paint a picture in my head of what the scene should be like, and I express and perform with my emotions, and not my mind, to achieve the full effect of the piece. I have to blank my mind of any other thought, otherwise my nervousness will take over and the music will not be beautiful.

Slowly, my fingers go through the last few notes of the piece. Finally, the last note rings out, and I lift up my hands and my entire body to signal the end of the piece. Silence rings out for a few seconds, and the applause explodes. Cheers and whistles (吹口哨) sound, and I smile broadly into the spotlight. I can see nothing but darkness due to the spotlight, but I can hear the audience’s appreciation. My legs are still slightly shaky; the performance proceeded without mistake or fault. I breathe a sigh of relief, and I take my bow. Successful and satisfied, I walk off the stage with the beauty of the music playing in my head.

By Claire Lin

关键词:高二 Making the piano sing



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