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[初一]My family holiday
作者:21ST    来源:21世纪学生英文报·高一版第443期    日期: 2011-07-20

SUMMER vacation, with no classes or examinations, is an ideal time for Australian teenagers under great pressure from their studies. To me, it is much more than just not going to school. It is also a golden opportunity to spend time with my family, because I have little time with them during the school year.

Refusing invitations to hang out with friends, I chose instead to spend my last summer vacation traveling with my family to the Hawkesbury River in Western Sydney, where we have a comfortable house and a boat. Those days left a deep impression on me. It was one of the most unforgettable summer vacations of my life.

Staying on the river helped us escape the hot weather and noise of the city. During the summer vacation, my family and I rose early to go for a swim in the smooth early morning water and then returned to a hearty (丰盛的) breakfast. The mornings were spent with family members playing cards, followed by a delicious and fresh lunch. But, on some occasions, we all participated in a big game. Everybody played, including my grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters. We enjoyed water-skiing, wakeboarding (尾波滑水), tubing (坐在类似轮胎的小皮筏里漂流) and other water sport activities. These activities, which were something that our entire family enjoyed, brought us all closer together.

Many warm summer afternoons were spent peacefully reading a favorite book on a hammock (吊床) hung from a tree by the river. The days always ended with a campfire after dinner where everyone sat around enjoying each other’s company.

The river is an incredible place to relax, where you can forget about all the stresses of everyday life and simply enjoy the moment. To me, it is the perfect way to spend time together as a family during one of the best times of the year. Even so many months later, I still often think of those days.

By Bronte Goldstein, 16, St Paul’s Grammar School, Australia

How kids spend their vacations in the Southern Hemisphere

THE seasons are opposite in the Northern and Southern hemispheres, so the summer vacation in China is in July and August, while in Australia, the summer vacation officially lasts from late December to early February, and coincides (同时发生) with the Christmas and New Year holidays. During the vacation, students have to finish their homework. For English class, they choose three to five books to read and write book reports on. For science class, they need to cooperate with classmates to do projects and prepare a presentation (演示报告).

Also, Australian students often attend special interest classes during the vacation. They learn swimming, rugby (橄榄球), tennis, painting, singing, music and even cooking. Sometimes, parents take their children to museums or the beach to camp.

Key facts






22 million

Total area:

about 7.69 million km2,

the sixth largest country in the world

Official language:


Amazing feature:

There are about 150 million sheep in Australia; a population much larger than the country’s human population.

St Paul’s Grammar School, Sydney, Australia, has a close link with 21st Century. The school accepts 15 students from China each year. Chinese students are welcomed to study at the school. View the website www.stpauls.nsw.edu.au for more details.

关键词:初一 My family holiday


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