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高三教案 第628期

Learning to be different (P4-5)
江苏省南菁高级中学    刘珂
I. Warming up
Do you often watch American TV series?
Which one is your favorite?
Have you ever watched The Big Bang Theory? If so, who in the sitcom do you like the most?
Types of TV show
Comedy: a light and humorous drama with an happy ending.
Sitcom: short for“situation comedy”, a humorous television drama based on situations that could arise in everyday life, the usual duration being 30 minutes.
II. Lead-in
A new sitcom and its original show
Let’s watch parts of the two CBS TV series before reading the article.
(Young Sheldon;The Big Bang Theory)
III. Fast reading: Q & A
1. When was the first episode of Young Sheldon shown on TV?
On Sept 25.
2. What does Young Sheldon mainly focus on?
It follows a young Sheldon Cooper, a child prodigy in a small Texas town attending high school at age 9. 
3. What does Sheldon fear and who does he love?
He fears chickens and loves Professor Proton.
IV. Detailed reading: True or False
1. Young Sheldon was a family comedy made in a studio in front of an audience. 
   Key: F(张冠李戴)
2. In 1989, Sheldon was a 9-year-old primary school student . 
Key: F(high school)
3. Viewers of Young Sheldon will recognize people, places and things mentioned throughout The Big Bang Theory.
 Key: T
4. As a child genius, Sheldon has to adapt to avoid clashes with others. 
Key: F(混淆概念)
V. Careful reading: Q & A
According to the article, in what aspects is Young Sheldon different from The Big Bang Theory?
The filming style and the tone.
As a comedy, where does the humor of Young Sheldon come from?
Most of its humor comes from the relationship between Sheldon and the other people of the town, from his clashes with teachers and students, and from watching how Sheldon develops and his family adapt to accommodate him.
VI. Comparison: Fill in the blanks
VII. Discussion
In what ways can we understand the meaning of the title “Learning to be different”?
Young Sheldon is different from The Big Bang Theory.
Young Sheldon is different from the people around him.
Sheldon is developing to become a different person.
Sheldon’s family are changing and adapting to accommodate Sheldon.
VIII. Homework
Watch one episode of Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory to know more about the two sitcoms.
Shortcut to hard work (P6)
江苏省南菁高级中学   陈婧
I. Lead-in:
1. When did you start learning English ?
2. When do children nowadays usually start learning English ?      
Why do you think more children nowadays are learning English at a young age?
II. Fast reading : Q&A
1. Why is it better for people to learn sound-based skills at a young age?
Because the brain is still developing, it’s the perfect time to take in certain information. 
2. How does adenosine vary in the adult and younger brain of  mice according to the researchers? 
The adult brain of mice produces high levels of adenosine, a chemical that slows down the ability to learn from sound. In younger brains, adenosine levels are much lower.
III. Detailed reading: True or False
1. Adenosine is a chemical that slows down the ability to learn.
False: learn sound-based skills
2. Younger people can easily learn a new sound-based skill because adenosine levels in their brain are much lower.
3. If a way is found to stop the brain from producing as much adenosine, everyone can become masters of sound-based skills.
IV. Careful reading : Q&A
According to the article, what is the “shortcut to hard work”? Why?
A way to stop the brain from producing as much adenosine.
Because a high level of adenosine slows down the ability to learn from sound.
V. Post-reading
Opinion sharing
What’s your attitude toward the “shortcut to learning”?
VI. Appreciation: 

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