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高一教案 第692期

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Delivery drivers asked to take more care (PIII)
Integrated reading and writing
江苏省南菁高级中学 闫璇
Warming up
Dangerous Delivery
Busy food delivery workers have caused serious traffic problems. They seem to care more about speed rather than safety.
Reading Task - Structure
Overview of the Writing Task
*Rewrite the passage in the form of a speech
Speed Over Safety?
1. Use the same structure the passage does;
2. Apply some of the writing skills from the passage;
3. Apply some of the useful expressions and sentence patterns from the passage.
Analysis– Part I - Introduction
Writing– Task I - Introduction
Describe what you see in the picture. Think about what you see in the street and finish writing Para 1 according to writing tip #1.
Deliverymen are running a red light
Possible version:
Food delivery services bring us a lot of benefits. Thanks to food delivery workers, it is convenient, cheap and saves time for us to order food online. However, problems have also arisen along with the prosperity of the food delivery industry. As we can see in the streets, food delivery workers always seem to be in a hurry. Many of them don’t follow traffic rules. They drive on the wrong side of the road and run red lights. They use mobile phones while driving. They seem to care more about speed rather than safety when delivering food.
Analysis– Part II - Reasons
Q: What are the reasons for food delivery drivers’ reckless behaviors mentioned in the passage?
Writing Tip #2: use examples, further explanation, use evidence.
Analysis– Part II - Reasons
Other reasons?
Writing– Task II - Reasons
1. Follow the structure
2. List three reasons and further explain each reason
3. Use transitions (you may chose other transitional words)
4. No grammatical mistakes
5. Neat handwriting
Possible version:
    What makes delivery workers take such risks? There are several reasons behind this phenomenon. For one thing, food delivery workers are under high pressure, since they are likely to be fined or get bad reviews from customers if they deliver food late. To improve their work efficiency, they choose to break traffic rules. For another, some food delivery workers lack the awareness of road safety. They don’t take traffic rules seriously. In addition, delivery workers are usually paid for each order they take. In order to earn more money, they continue to work even if they are already exhausted, which in turn puts their lives at risk.
Analysis– Part III - Solutions
Q: What measures are being taken to solve this problem, according to the passage? 
1.Workers are being trained on traffic rules and safety
2.Workers are punished if they break traffic rules
Analysis– Part III - Solutions
Q: What other measures can we take to solve the problem?
Writing– Task III - Solutions
1. Start the paragraph with a topic sentence and end the article with a closing sentence;
2. Use transitions;
3. No grammatical mistakes;
4. Diversified vocabulary and varied sentence structures;
5. Neat handwriting.
To solve the safety problems of delivery workers, I firmly believe that proper measures should be taken. On the one hand, the government should make relevant regulations to prevent delivery workers from breaking traffic rules. On the other hand, food delivery service companies should not only train their delivery workers on traffic rules and safety, but also make sure their workers are not overloaded by working too many hours. 
  There is clearly still a long way to go to solve the problem, but I hope all delivery workers keep in mind that safety should always come first.
1. Search the internet for related statistics and examples to supplement your writing;
2. Polish your writing;
3. Be prepared to present your speech.
本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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