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高二教案 第698期

Different but the same (P1)
烟台第二中学 孔洁
I. Warming up  
Have you ever heard stories about inspirational people?
Martin Luther King, Jr., a man who fought for equality and acceptance of an entire race.
The disabled woman who founded the International Day of Acceptance, Annie Hopkins was herself an inspiration.
My deepest passion as a disability rights advocate lies not in the act of “raising awareness”, but in promoting acceptance.
The more we focus on acceptance, and on encouraging shared connections and understanding among all people, the better off we’ll all be.
-- Annie Hopkins
II. Skimming
Read the passage quickly and summarize the main idea of the passage.
This passage introduces the International Day of Acceptance, which aims to encourage the acceptance of people from communities that are different.
Divide the passage into different parts.
PART 1 (para 1) Brief introduction of the International Day of Acceptance
PART 2 (para 2-6) The inspirational story of Fatjona and the Kansas kids
PART 3 (para 7) Conclusion
III. Scanning
Read the passage quickly and find the answers to the following questions.
1. Why did Hopkins found the International Day of Acceptance?
Hopkins aimed to encourage the acceptance of people from communities that are different.
2. What misfortune did Fatjona suffer from?
Fatjona, an Albanian girl, had a terrible accident when she was 8 years old. It left her unable to walk, speak or write. She was in a wheelchair, which was difficult in itself, but even more difficult because her school wasn’t built for people with disabilities.
3. What is Fatjona’s dream? Is it possible to achieve?
Her dream was to be a dancer.
It would be possible that she could walk again. And if she can walk, thren she can dance.
4. What problem did the kids in Kansas meet?
Their problem was that they couldn’t be together enough. They feared that they would one day have to leave Kansas and would never see each other again.
5. How did they solve the problem?
Their solution was to become one big happy family together. However, for that they needed two permanent foster parents. So the children put an ad in the Kansas City Star: “Wanted: parents for five mixed-ethnicity children.” There was an enormous response to the ad. Fostering agencies had no trouble putting the group of kids together in a single home, with a single set of parents. Now they have what they always wanted, a “forever home”.
The meaning of acceptance?
To Fatjona: accept herself just as who she is
To Kansas kids: accept different ethnic backgrounds
IV. Language focus--expressions
Find the following expressions in the passage and make sentences with them.
aim to
recover one’s spirits
sum up
mixed ethnicity children
an enormous response to
have no trouble doing
V. Discussion
What do you learn from the example of Fatjona, the Kansas kids and Hopkins?
Embrace yourself
Embrace diversity
VI. Homework
Write a brief introduction of an inspirational person you know.

New ideas about our bodies (P6)
烟台第二中学 孔洁
I. Warming up  
Here is a saying:
There are no two identical fingerprints in the world.
Do you believe it?
It is a common scene in movies and novels that policemen identify criminals by the fingerprints found at the scene of the crime.
Everyone has a unique set of fingerprints. Is that always true?
II. Skimming
Read the passage quickly and summarize the main idea of the passage.
It clarifies some mistaken beliefs about fingerprints and basic human senses.
Divide the passage into different parts.
PART 1 (para 1-2) Introduction
PART 2 (para 3-7) People’s misunderstanding of fingerprints
PART 3 (para 8-12) Other mistaken beliefs
III. Scanning
Read the passage quickly and judge whether the following statements are true or false. 
1. In detective stories, police usually identify the criminal by matching their fingerprints with the ones found in the crime scene.
2. It is impossible to find two people with the same fingerprint.
3. It is proven that some people have the same fingerprint.
Read the passage in detail and point out the facts and mistaken beliefs.
belief: Each person has a wholly unique set of fingerprints. 
fact: There is no way to gather the prints of every person and it’s impossible to prove that no two are the same.
Basic human senses 
belief: There are five basic human senses: vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste.
fact: There are many more senses, ranging from 22 to 33.
IV. Language focus--sentences
Identify “when” clauses
1. For many fans of detective stories, the most exciting moment is always the time when the fingerprints found at the scene of the crime match the fingerprints of the suspect.
When: attributive clause定语从句,修饰time
2. That’s when police identify the criminal and the mystery is solved.
When: predicative clause 表语从句
IV. Language focus--expressions
Match the words with their meanings and make sentences with them.
claim   essential   additional   range   devote
1. extremely important and necessary
2. to use all or most of your time, effort, etc. in order to do something or help someone
3. more than what was agreed or expected
4. to state that something is true, even though it has not been proven
5. to include a variety of different things or people in addition to those mentioned
1. 这个节目拥有庞大的观众群,从小孩子到爷爷奶奶都爱看。
The show had a massive audience, ranging from children to grandparents.
2. 即使在小公司里,计算机也是不可或缺的工具。
Even in small companies, computers are an essential tool.
3. 他致力于电影剧本的创作。
He devoted his energies to writing films.
4. 可以从中心获取更多信息。
Additional information can be obtained from the centre.
5. 该产品声称不节食也可让你瘦下来。
The product claims that it can make you thin without dieting. 。
V. Discussion
Which one do you think is incorrect? Why?
1. Lighting never repeats itself in the same place.
2. High pressure can cause hypertension (高血压病).

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