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高一教案 第725期

Understand emotions (P1)
山东省烟台第二中学  赵娜娜
1. Do you get angry easily in your daily life? How about your parents?
2. Could you control your emotions for 21 days?
In a class in Wuhan, only one family succeeded in controlling their emotions.
A group of elementary school kids in Wuhan were asked to record their parents’ and their emotions over three weeks in a journal. The aim of the challenge was for the kids and their parents not to lose their temper.
3. How should we handle our emotions?
* Express our emotions
* Control our emotions
 ...
Fast reading
Read the text quickly, and answer the question.
What’s the main idea of the passage?
Anger is a common emotion. But we should consider what it is that’s making us feel angry and try to manage that.
Careful reading
Read the text carefully and answer the following questions.
1. What kind of discussion did the news cause?
The news _____ many discussions – not only on _____ itself, but on how we should handle ______ in general.
2. What is Theodore Rubin’s opinion of showing one’s emotions?
Feeling angry is a ______human_________. It is ________feeling hungry, lonely, loving, or tired.
3. How can we control our anger, according to the writer?
The next time you feel anger_______, you shouldn’t_________. But rather than _____your temper, try expressing your negative emotions in a ______ way. Paint something, write a poem, sing a song, or just go for a walk.
Analyze the following sentences and pay attention to the words in red.
1. The aim of the challenge was for the kids and their parents not to lose their temper . 
•the aim of … is to do…
•aim to do= aim at doing
•lose one’s temper
•keep one’s temper
2. At the same time, however, the news led to many discussions
•At the same time= meanwhile
•lead to= cause= result in 
•lead sb. to sp.
E.g. 有位护士搀扶她坐到椅子上。
A nurse took her arm and led her to a chair. 
3. …sometimes, my kid doesn’t listen to me, and I can’t help scolding him.
•can’t help doing
•can’t help but do= have no choice but to do
•scold sb. for sth.= blame sb. for sth.
4. All of us get angry from time to time. But in spite of (不管) this challenge’s goal, is showing our emotions such a bad thing?
•From time to time= at times= once in a while= every now and then= sometimes
•In spite of= despite
E.g. 尽管我们竭力想保住这所学校,当局还是决定把它关闭。
Despite all our efforts to save the school, the authorities decided to close it. 
5. If we take a few small steps, though, learning to put out that fire inside us can become a lot easier.
•though: adv.
•Two heart attacks in a year. It hasn’t stopped him smoking, though.
•Put out/ put aside/ put away/put down/ put forward/ put off / put on/ put up/ put up with
Discuss with your partners your opinions on controlling one’s emotions.
Control or express?
How to control?
How to express?
Latin is still useful (P3 )
太原市外国语学校   王丽媛
I. Warming up   
1. What do you know about Latin? 
2. Can you understand this book, written in Latin?
3. Do you want to study Latin? How is Latin relevant to the English language?
II. Pre-reading
Is learning Latin helpful for learning English or not?
Read the article to learn more about it.
III. While-reading 
A first look
Read the article and try to find out what it’s about.
What is the main idea of this article?
Jim Crabb, a Latin teacher, wants people to know that Latin is still useful.
A closer look
Read the article and answer the following questions.
1. Who created the annual Latin awards ceremony at  Hall High School? Who is the ceremony for?
Jim Crabb, a Latin teacher at Hall High School in the US, created the annual Latin awards ceremony, which is for the students who perform the best at Latin.
2. How many students take Latin classes at Hall High School each year?
More than 200.
3. How is Crabb's Latin classroom different from the Latin classroom he experienced when he was in high school?
Now, in Crabb's classroom, adding culture and mythology to his classroom has given students more context.  However, when Crabb was in high school, it was almost all grammar based. 
4. Is learning Latin meaningful, according to Crabb? In what ways?
Yes, learning Latin is meaningful in more than one way, according to Crabb.
First, Latin words are still used in everyday English language, and can be seen in places like the grocery store.
Second, Latin helps students understand English better, because they are reading, interpreting , analyzing and acquiring vocabulary.
Words & Expressions
far from      完全不……
honor 给……以荣誉
highlight 突出,使显著
Sentence analyzing
The most recent Latin awards ceremony was held on June 5, which honored the 118 medals students earned by taking the National Latin Exam and the Connecticut State Latin Exam.
解析:此句中包含一个____从句,连接词____ 修饰先行词 __________________。
IV. Post-reading 
After reading the article, would you like to learn Latin if you were offered the opportunity? Why or why not?  Please share your views with your group members.
Writing task
Write a composition with the title "My Views on Learning Latin" with no less than 100 words by referring to your group discussion on this topic.  
According to what you learned, write a composition sharing your ideas on emotions.

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