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高一教案 第755期

Call for action to save wildlife (P2)
吉林毓文中学  王荟娟

Is a sixth mass extinction coming?

Fast reading
What is the main purpose of the article?
To share a report on biodiversity and call for action to save wildlife.

Read the text and answer the questions.
1. What does the report on biodiversity released by the United Nations claim?
1 million of Earth's 8 million species are threatened with extinction,including amphibians, marine mammals and insects.
2. Who is to blame for the danger?
3. How have human activities caused species extinction, according to the article?
4. How could species extinction influence the ecosystem?
   The entire ecosystems will get looser, less stable and even collapse. These developments lead scientists to believe that there could be a sixth mass extinction.
5. What could we individually to save species?
   Not buy products made from illegal wildlife parts and reduce water waste.

What is your understanding of the sentence
1. "Each individual action has a ripple effect and every person can make a difference -through a mass we can turn the ride”?

(1)A be +倍数+as+形容词或副词原级+as B
(2)A be +倍数+比较级 +than+B
(3)A be +倍数+the+名词(如: size/length/height/weight …) of B
eg. This room is twice as big as that one.
      This room is twice bigger than that one.
      This room is twice the size of that one.

2.There have been five mass extinctions before, the last being 65million years ago.
  本句中the last being 65million years ago 为_________,即名词/代词+非谓语动词,且这两者之间具有逻辑主谓关系。

Time permitting, I will go with you.
They talked with the local people, the guide acting as an interpreter.
Word Study
3.different(adj.)--____(v.) ______(n.)

Phrase Study
1.call for
2.share... with...
3.be to blame for
4.take action
5.die out
6.make a difference

(1)Surf the internet to find more information about species extinction, and try to figure out more ways to stop it.
 (2)Share your views with your classmates and present them on the posters.


Born to be bored (P4-5)
山东省烟台第二中学 赵娜娜

Can you give some examples of feeling bored ?
When do you feel bored? At school or during your vacation? Or both? Why?
Fully occupied vs lots of leisure time
Academic assignments vs recreational activities
Why do we sometimes get bored?

Reading for main idea
What is the main idea of the article?
Boredom is a universal experience caused by repetition and lack of interest in daily routines and linked to lacking self-awareness.

Reading for structure

Reading for details
1.What did the study find? 
Boredom is a universal experience. New research from London-based company OnePoll looked at 20,000 US adults. The average adult in the study experienced 131 days of boredom a year.

2. What are the reasons for boredom, according to the article?
a. more leisure time
  According to Spacks, boredom became part of life as the Industrial Revolution boomed (高速发展), and people began to have more leisure time.

b. repetition and lack of interest in daily routines
   According to US psychiatrist Richard Winter,  boredom is caused by repetition and lack of interest in daily routines, such as taking a shower or brushing one’s teeth.
c. lack of self-awareness
   Boredom is also linked to lacking self-awareness (自我意识). The booming economy and culture have brought diversified worldviews, and people today are encouraged to be themselves. This brings a problem, according to Qdaily: We may not know what we want to do.

3. What are the benefits of boredom?
   Yet boredom does have its benefits. If necessity is the mother of invention, boredom might be the father. Many scientific and artistic achievements were produced in moments of boredom, Beaber wrote. “The brain’s need for novelty drives a small portion of the population to create.”

I have come to believe that holy boredom is good and sufficient reason for the invention of free will. — Frank Herbert

Fill in the blanks
1. Have you ever _________a dull speech wishing you ____just play with your phone?
2. According to Spacks, boredom became ________as the Industrial Revolution boomed, and people began to have more_________ (闲暇时间).
3. US psychiatrist Richard Winter says that _________the fantasy world ________by these media, ordinary life may seem dull and________.
4. He believes boredom is caused by_________(重复) and ____________(缺乏对……的兴趣)daily routines, such as taking a shower or brushing one’s teeth.
5. Despite the _______of media, boredom _________lacking _________(自我意识).
6. ________what we are searching for means that we ________________(缺乏选择的能力)appropriate goals for engagement with the world
7. If _________(必需)is the mother of invention, boredom might be the father.
8.The brain’s need for novelty____ (驱使) a small portion of the population to create.

Retell the article based on the following aspects.
The conclusions of the study
Reasons for boredom
Benefits of boredom

What is your view of boredom? What do you do when you are bored? Share your view with your partners.

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