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初一教案 第674期


Just ask (P3)

I. Pre-reading

1. Do you get along well with your friends?

2. If you have an argument with them, what will you do to make things better?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. Why did Angelica have an argument with her friend?

A. Because her friend said something mean to her.

B. Because Angelica did something wrong.

C. Because Angelica thought her friend did something wrong.

D. Because one of Angelica’s friends is in a hard situation.


2. Mike thinks that _____.

A. it will be easy to work out this problem

B. forgetting about the friendship is one choice

C. Angelica’s friend will come back to her soon

D. Angelica’s friend should say sorry to her


3. Wang shared her experience to show _____.

A. how Angelica can work out the problem

B. that she has many brave friends

C. that having a chat with friends is easy to do

D. that friends should not argue with each other


III. Word in use


1. 他能快速修复很多坏手表。

    He can _____ many watches in a short time.

2. 他为自己的粗鲁语言道歉了。

    He________ for his rudeness.

3. 当老师进入教室的时候,所有人都沉默了。

    When the teacher came in, everyone else suddenly fell into ______.


IV. Post-reading

Newspapers are mainly for reporting news. Many newspapers also have other useful information, such as weather reports, TV program broadcast schedules and other kinds of information. They offer commentary (评论) on politics, economics, arts and culture.

Correspondence columns (读者来信栏目) are quite popular. Readers can write to ask for help from editors or other readers.

Be polite when burping or sneezing (P5)

I. Pre-reading

1. What do you usually do when you burp?

2. What do you usually do when you sneeze?

3. Is there a way to stop burping or sneezing?


II. While reading

Choose the answer:

1. People in the US usually say “excuse me” after _____.

A. sneezing

B. burping

C. eating

D. speaking loudly


2. In Western culture, burping loudly in public is _____.

A. a little bit rude

B. not rude at all

C. polite

D. funny


3. In the US, people don’t have to say anything after sneezing because _____.

A. it is difficult to stop sneezing

B. people can sneeze quietly

C. it is not as loud as burping

D. it is hard to talk and sneeze at the same time


4. When sneezing, people need to cover their noses ____.

A. to stay healthy

B. to make it less loud

C. to stop germs from spreading

D. to stop the sneeze from happening


III. Word in use


 1. The news ________ (传播)  fast to every part of the city.

 2. Its _____ (粗鲁的) to talk loudly in public.

 3. I think she is a _____ (礼貌的) girl with a sweet voice.

IV. Post-reading

Surprising Sneezing Facts

  1. Sneezes travel at about 100 miles per hour.
  2. A single sneeze can send 100,000 germs into the air.
  3. You don’t sneeze in your sleep.
  4. Working out and sunlight can make you sneeze.
  5. The record for the most consecutive sneezes  was set by Donna Griffiths from England. She sneezed for 978 days.

Cats are our friends (P6)

I. Pre-reading

1. Would you like to have a pet cat?

2. What do you think of cats?

3. Which are friendlier to people: dogs or cats?

II. While reading

1. People usually think that cats _____.

A. are very friendly

B. play with people less than dogs

C. like people as much as dogs

D. don’t know how to get home when lost


2. Researchers made the test to find out _____.

A. the differences between cats and dogs

B. why cats don’t care about people

C. how close cats are with their owners

D. how cat owners take care of their pets


3. What was the finding of the study, according to the story?

A. Cats love people just like dogs do.

B. People love dogs more than cats.

C. Cats don’t need to play with people.

D. Cats are happy to find new places.


III. Word in use

Fill in the blanks:

social            researcher    security  study     

A lot of _________ are working on this project (项目)

I dream of having my own _____ in the new house.

Cats are ______ animals like dogs.

Families can offer ______ for their kids.

IV. Post-reading

How to be a good cat owner?

In order to make sure your cat is comfortable (舒适) around you, spend at least 30 minutes a day with it. Never yell at, hit or kick your cat. This will destroy (毁坏) the bond (联系) between you and your cat.                                                   





II. 1. C。根据第1封信可知,Angelica 的说了别人坏话,但是不承认自己犯错误,两个人就吵架了,故本题选C

2. B。根据第2封信最后一段it might be better to just forget about fixing this friendship itll be better to just forget about her可知,Mike认为这种朋友可以断交了。故本题选B

3. A。根据第3封信I think you should talk with her可知,Wang认为友谊可以修复,后文讲述自己的亲身经历是为了建议Angelica 也这样做。故本题选A


III. 1. fix      2. apologized    3. silence



II. 1. B。根据第3So when we burp, we say excuse me.可知,人们在打嗝之后会说“Excuse me”,故本题选B

2. A。根据第3Burping loudly in public is especially rude.可知,在公共场所打嗝很粗鲁。故本题选择A

3. A。根据第4 You dont have to say anything yourself. This is partly because sneezing is hard to stop. 可知,打喷嚏是很难控制的。故本题选择A

4. C。根据最后一段Just make sure you cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze so you dont spread any germs.可知掩住口鼻主要是为了防止细菌的传播,故本题选择C

III. 1. spread      2. rude         3. polite                



II.  1. B。根据第1Unlike dogs, cats dont often play with people.可知猫不太经常和人类玩耍,故选B

2. C。根据第1a new study shows that cats like people just as much as dogs23段研究过程可知,本次实验的目的是为了调查猫和主人的亲密度,故选C

3. A。根据第1 a new study shows that cats like people just as much as dogs 可知,猫和狗同样爱主任,故选A

III. 1. researchers    2. study   3. social   4. security



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