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Path‐changing Experience
作者:21ST    来源:21英语网    日期: 2015-03-25
More than a year ago, Sun Fang from Shandong Fujian, China, had no idea that he would be starting his IT career today. He graduated with a Bachelor in Hotel Management from Queen Margaret University but realised that he had no interest in the field. Hence, he was excited at the opportunity when he found out about the Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis (GDipSA) at Institute of Systems Science (ISS), National University of Singapore (NUS). This programme offers graduates with non‐IT background an opportunity to create a new career path in the IT industry. 
“I am very appreciative that NUS‐ISS is willing to give students from non‐IT background, like me, a chance to break into the IT industry. It means a lot for me and many of my peers, “shares Sun Fang. 
NUS‐ISS is a specialist education institution of NUS. Its long‐running GDipSA programme has seen more than 2,000 students graduate since 1981. 
Over the 13 months GDipSA programme, students are taught how to build IT solutions through lectures, workshops, laboratory sessions, projects and industrial attachments. Students also get to learn and practise the techniques to gather user requirements, systematically analyse and design feasible solutions. They will then move on to code, test and implement these solutions. Incorporating numerous projects, the programme provides students with many hands‐on practices in delivering IT solutions covering client/server, internet/intranet and wireless platforms.
“Apart from the technical knowledge, I’ve also gained the ability to innovate and to stay updated with the latest developments in the industry. In the IT industry, it is essential to be passionate about new technologies and to add value by continually updating yourself with new knowledge. The course has enabled me to become more qualified for my future IT jobs,” said Sun Fang. 
The programme encompasses a 20‐week internship, which allows students to get a hands‐on experience of working in an IT organisation. This enables them to put to practice the knowledge they’ve gained from the programme and to build essential network in the industry. 
“During my 5‐month internship with PayWhere Pte Ltd, I was on the team which created a bespoke native iOS app for enterprise merchants to interact with their buyers on a more intimate level. The project was selected for the Accenture Best Industrial Attachment Project Award. It’s my honour to have won this award and I attribute it to the good training I’ve gotten at NUS‐ISS,” said Sun Fang. 
Dr Esther Tan, Chief of the GDipSA programme, says that the high calibre of the teaching staff, coupled with the industry‐relevant curriculum, has seen many students from non‐IT background make a successful career switch into many established IT companies, such as Crimsonlogic, HP and IBM. 
“We offer interested candidates with well‐grounded training to kick‐start their IT careers and provide the local IT industry with a steady flow of well‐trained IT professionals as well. We constantly review our curriculum to ensure that the skills taught are those that are needed by the industry,” she adds. 
According to Sun Fang, this is the reason why he has chosen NUS‐ISS over other universities, “like many of my classmates, I chose NUS‐ISS because I desired a university that would challenge me. “ 
“The graduates from the NUS‐ISS GDipSA programme are hardworking, resourceful and independent. They did not need much guidance and were able to make use of resources on the web to develop solutions. This, I think, was what impressed me the most. They were also good with users and could translate raw requirements to real applications,” says Ms Neo Geok Ting, Senior Manager, Information Technology of Keppel Land. 
Application for the August 2015 intake of the NUS‐ISS Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis is open from now to 15 April. For more information on this programme, please visit www.iss.nus.edu.sg/gdipsa or email issgdipsa@nus.edu.sg. 

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