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作者:21ST    来源:北外学术期刊    日期: 2021-03-31
The Effect of Study-Abroad on Pragmatic Transfer
Meiji University, Japan

Keywords: pragmatic transfer, pragmalinguistic transfer, sociopragmatic transfer, study-abroad

This study aims to investigate the effect that studying abroad may have on pragmatic transfer in requests, refusals, and expressions of gratitude, produced by Japanese learners of English. Twenty-two Japanese college students completed a multimedia elicitation task (MET) before and after studying in the US for one semester, together with twenty-two L1 English speakers and twenty L1 Japanese speakers as baseline data. The MET is a computer-based instrument for eliciting oral data. Unlike previous studies on pragmatic transfer, which often lack statistical evidence, this study includes statistical analysis. The analysis revealed that negative pragmatic transfer occurs within a limited range. The identified transfer includes pragmalinguistic transfer, whereby, assuming that their politeness levels are equal, learners directly translate L1 expressions into L2; and sociopragmatic transfer, whereby learners transfer L1 discourse patterns and functions. Resistance to L2 norms and increased fluency can be influencing factors. The results indicated that the effect of study-abroad is limited because most of the negative transfer which was identified before studying abroad remained after studying abroad. Thus, the necessity of explicit pragmatic instruction was proposed.
Effects of Study-Abroad Experiences on Chinese Students’  L2 Learning Activities and Study-Abroad Motivations
Tiancheng CHEN
University College London, UK

Nanjing University
Keywords: overseas exchange experiences, language learning activities, study-abroad motivations, curriculum adjustment, Chinese students

This study explores how overseas exchange opportunities might influence Chinese students' engagement in L2 learning activities and how far such opportunities may satisfy their motivation to study abroad. The analysis of the data, collected and filtered from carefully designed questionnaires and interviews, showed that students' L2 learning activities and study-abroad motivations underwent changes after their overseas experiences. Regarding the former, the overseas environment was the cause of the change because it provided students with more chances to talk with native speakers and increased the frequency of their using L2 in their daily life. Regarding the latter, the decline of the students' major study-abroad motivations was partly because they tended to treat L2 learning as a tool for realizing other goals and partly because the students had got other important motivations. In view of these findings, suggestions were raised to help future students get better prepared for their overseas study or short-term exchange life.
Emerging Research Efficacy Through Scaffolded Research Practice: An EFL Preservice Teacher Autobiographical Narrative
Yuting HAN
Shenzhen Guanlan No. 2 Middle School / Central China Normal University

Keywords: autobiographical narrative inquiry, teacher research efficacy, scaffolded research practice, EFL preservice teacher

EFL preservice teachers' research efficacy, as perceived competence to perform tasks in research, is crucial to their research engagement. This autobiographical narrative inquiry investigates the contribution of scaffolded research practice to a female EFL preservice teacher's research efficacy.The data were collected through conversations, notes, journals, and portfolios. The findings suggest that teacher research efficacy was pliable through scaffolded research practice. It emerged gradually over time, in different places with social and personal interaction. The factors contributing to the emerging research efficacy were: teacher educators' support, peers' support, and research participation. The study sheds light on teacher educators and EFL preservice teachers, with the intention of establishing an inquiry-based pedagogy for M.Ed. programs.
Lexical Tone Perception in Mandarin Chinese Speakers With Aphasia

Qiang LI
Fort Hays State University, US

Shuang WANG
Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Yunling DU
Dalian University of Technology

University College Cork, Ireland
Keywords: pitch, lexical tone, brain lateralization, Mandarin Chinese, pinyin

The brain localization debate of lexical tone processing concerns functional hypothesis that lexical tone, owing to its strong linguistic features, is dominant in the left hemisphere, and acoustic hypothesis that all pitch patterns, including lexical tone, are dominant in the right hemisphere due to their acoustic features. Lexical tone as a complex signal contains acoustic components that carry linguistic, paralinguistic, and non-linguistic information. To examine these two hypotheses, the current study adopted triplet stimuli including Chinese characters, their corresponding pinyin with a diacritic, and the four diacritics representing Chinese lexical tones. The stimuli represent the variation of lexical tone for its linguistic and acoustic features. The results of a listening task by Mandarin Chinese speakers with and without aphasia support the functional hypothesis that pitch patterns are lateralized to different hemispheres of the brain depending on their functions, with lexical tone to the left hemisphere as a function of linguistic features.
The Effect of Verbal Anchoring on the Processing of Advertising Pictorial Metaphors
Shuo CAO
School of Foreign Languages, Dalian University of Technology

Xuanyi ZHAO
Department of English, Shanxi Agricultural University

Ziya XU
School of Foreign Languages, Dalian University of Technology
Keywords: pictorial metaphor, verbal anchoring, multimodality, advertisement comprehension, advertisement likeability

Although investigating metaphors in advertising is gaining in popularity, there are still certain unresolved arguments, such as the interaction between elements of different modalities. This study,composed of three behavioral experiments, aims to identify how verbal anchoring (literal anchoring, metaphor anchoring and unrelated anchoring) influences the processing of pictorial metaphors in advertising, by observing the cognitive and affective indicators, advertising comprehension and advertising likeability. The results showed 1) that metaphors in pictorial modality were recognized more quickly than those in verbal modality, 2) that verbal anchoring facilitated participants' comprehending and appreciating of pictorial metaphors and 3) that literally-anchored metaphors with a moderate level of novelty yielded the most favorable cognitive responses. The study not only enriches the existing theoretical framework of multimodal metaphors in advertising, but also proposes an optimal match between pictorial metaphors and verbal elements, for advertisers and manufacturers to design effective multimodal advertisements.
Affordance Derivation Facilitates the Semantic Access in Comprehending Chinese Puns
Qiaoyun LIAO
Institute of Linguistics, Shanghai International Studies University

Quan HU
School of English Studies, Sichuan International Studies University

Mengting GAO
Institute of Linguistics, Shanghai International Studies University

Lijun MENG
School of International Relations, Sichuan International Studies University

Zhipeng TAN
Graduate School, Sichuan International Studies University

School of English Studies, Shanghai International Studies University
Keywords: Chinese puns, affordance derivation, semantic access.

The study employed ERP technique to explore whether the affordance derivation can facilitate semantic access in comprehending Chinese puns. ERPs were measured while participants read the pun sentences containing dual meanings and made a judgement about the following probes and statements. The results showed that highly related probes in pun sentences elicited a smaller N400 and a larger LPC than moderately related probes in pun sentences. As for the comparison of sentence types, both highly and moderately related probes in pun sentences produce a smaller N400 and a larger LPC than those in control sentences. These results indicate that in the early stage of pun comprehension, semantic access to the literal meaning is easier through affordance derivation because of meaning dominance and frequency. In the late stage of integration, however,the intended meaning of puns can be facilitated and accessed through its privilege of affordance derivation activated by pun words in a pun context because of the priming context and its underlying intention. The study has discovered empirically that it is the affordance derivation,which connects the context and the dual meanings indicated by the pun words, that contributes to the different time courses and dynamic underlying neurocognitive mechanisms in comprehending puns in Chinese.
Extensive Reading Research in the EFL Classroom of China: A Qualitative Meta-Analysis
Shuyan WANG
Shanxi Normal University

Heyoung KIM
Chung-Ang University, Republic of Korea
Keywords: extensive reading, qualitative meta-analysis, China, EFL

Extensive reading has long been applied in the English as a foreign language classroom in China,but the fundamental theories and practical instruction are not satisfactory. The study aims to synthesize and examine extensive reading studies over the past fifty years (1962-2019) from a holistic perspective. By performing a qualitative meta-analysis, a total of 81 articles published in widely accepted journals were carefully coded and analyzed. Three latent problems emerged,including that 1) most extensive reading researchers misunderstand the inherent characteristic of extensive reading (i. e., pleasure reading) and less frequently follow the principles of extensive reading instruction; 2) there are methodological weaknesses in empirical research designs, and; 3) research scope is limited regarding participants and methodology. Suggestions for extensive reading research and instruction are included.

关键词:《中国应用语言学》 概览


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