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Sadness to success
作者:21ST    来源:高中版第2期     日期: 2011-03-08
牛津版初三年级:A success story

关键词:Bill Gates, Fu Mingxia, Jacky Chan, Mother Teresa, Mary Cheung, Benjamin Franklin



IS there anything we don't already know about Victoria Beckham ? She was a member of the most successful British girl band of all time - the Spice Girls - who sold over 30 million records worldwide. She is married to the England football captain, David Beckham. She is one of the most photographed women in the world.

So can her autobiography tell us anything we don't already know about Posh Spice (her nickname) ? The surprising answer is yes.

Victoria's book, "Learning to Fly," is about the reality of fame. We learn that at the age of eight Victoria dreamed of one day turning on the Christmas lights in London. Posh tells us about getting into the Spice Girls (辣妹组合) and what she first thought of the other band members. And, of course, we can read about the moment her and David's eyes first met.

Yet none of the events in her well-reported life are as expected. Victoria and David's fairytale romance actually included meeting in dark car parks when they started dating in order to avoid press attention. Victoria, who earned millions of pounds as a Spice Girl, actually felt her most lonely when the Spice Girls were at their most successful. And the woman who has won awards for her style complains that she hates her bad skin.

Many people do not know that Victoria is a trained dance teacher. She graduated from a famous dance school in England - Laine's Theatre Art School. While there, she was bullied by other students. And the headmistress disliked her for not being as slim and beautiful as the others.

One morning after leaving Laine's, she saw a notice in the newspaper for a new girl band - the rest is history.

The young girl who was bullied throughout school became Posh Spice. She is now the most successful person to have graduated from Laine's.

The best part of "Learning to Fly" is its honesty. Victoria does not hide her weaker side. She describes how at one point she almost broke up with David because of her worry about other women - she once hit him in the face when she heard he had kissed another girl.

She tells us that when her baby, Brooklyn, was first born she spent thousands of pounds each week on his protection. She explains how there are days when she feels a lot of pain because of the press who are continuously in search of the next photograph of her.

This is a story about the real truth behind all the celebrity photos. Her autobiography reveals that Victoria has the same dreams and fears as the rest of us. Through her book, she encourages her fans that dreams can come true.


autobiography n. 自传

fame n. 名声,名望

fairytale adj. 童话般的

bully v. hurt people who are weaker 欺负

slim adj. 苗条的

break up: 分手

reveal v. display 展现

关键词:牛津版 初三 A success story 社会Society


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