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Our museum lesson
作者:21ST    来源:初中版第59期     日期: 2011-06-01
牛津版初一年级:A visit to the Space Museum

关键词:Solar system, planets, the Sun, the Earth, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Mars, Mercury

话题归类:科普知识Popular science


MOST of you have seen pictures of a cell (细胞) in biology (生物) textbooks. But have you felt one with your hands, or even gone inside one?

Some Junior 1 and Junior 2 students from Beijing's Yucai School have done so. Last Wednesday, their biology lessons moved from their classroom to the Beijing Natural History Museum!

Junior students from Yucai School learn about cells. PHOTO BY CHEN SHUFANG

They learnt from fossils (化石) and models in the museum. They even had the chance to talk to biology experts (专家).

It's the first time they have had classes in a museum.

The Junior 2 students found out interesting things about animals. They broke up into six groups. Each group studied a different kind of animal, like wolves and fish.

Huang Zongya and his friends wanted to know why dinosaurs (恐龙) died out. They looked at a dinosaur skeleton (骨架).

"Wow! It's huge (巨大的)! It's larger than a classroom," he said. "I've only seen them in films before!"

Asking an expert

Huang wanted to know how old the fossils were. He went to an expert for help.

"The expert gave me answers that are not in the textbooks. It really helps," he said.

Luo Gan and his group studied animals that come out at night. He listened to their sounds. He said he had never heard them before.

Junior 1 students had their lesson around a model of a cell. The model is 400,000 times larger than a real one. The children got lost inside one part of it!

"I thought a cell was just a small ball," said Lu Wanying, a student. "But it's like a big factory with lots of offices."

They acted out a short play around the model. They played different parts of the cell, and talked about their different jobs. "It's fun. I hope to study cells when I grow up," said Lu.

Their teacher Zhu Xubing said the students were more active in the museum than the classroom. "They came up with many good questions and ideas," Zhu said.

关键词:牛津版 初一 A visit to the Space Museum 科普知识Popular science


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