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Did the iPod kill music? (Page 4)
大连开发区八中 程国良
I. Presentation
A free talk about views on music downloading and buying albums
Do you like music?
Which do you prefer, to download music or buy albums? Why?
Look through the article and answer the following questions.
1. Why do many young people admire the Apple boss?
2. Is music downloading via legal sites common? How do you know?
1. It offers them instant, and selective access tomusic
III. Reading
Read the article carefully and then fill in the blanks.

of iPods
Jon Bon Jovi
2. _________
Change is just part of the business
3. _______
Sumner Redstone
4. __________________________
shift young consumers away from free consumption to paid music formats

1.       The iPod is destroying the music industry
2.       Staskiewicz
3.       Different solutions for illegal music downloading
4.       Create a legal, affordable purchasing system for music lovers
5.       Mark Mulligan
IV. Practice
Translate the following sentences with the phrases given
1.       教师的话语把学生的注意力从书本上转移到黑板。(shift …to…)
2.       许多顾客都指控这家商店欺诈。(accuse…of …)
3.       一个位士在从银行回来的路上被抢走了装有100,000美元的信封。(rob… of …)
4.       只有沿着那条狭窄的路走才能到达他们的房子(access to)
5.       Jackie的新专辑有可能名列今年排行榜首。(be set to do)
1. The teacher’s words shifted the students’ attention away from their books to the blackboard.
2. Many customers accused the shop of cheating.
3. A lady was robbed of an envelope containing $100,000 on her way back from the bank.
4. The only access to their house is along that narrow road.
5. Jackie’s new album is set to hit the top.
A beloved old game (Page 4)
山东烟台二中 赵娟
I Pre-reading
How much do you know about baseball?
For example:
It is probably based on an old English game called rounders.
A version of the game became popular in the early 19th Century. Modern rules of the game are very similar to the original ones.
II. Fast Reading
For more information about baseball, read the article quickly, and then answer the questions.
What is the beauty of baseball in America?
   It evokes (唤起) a huge number of images.
   Baseball is the game of fathers and sons.
   They come in all shapes and sizes.
   It is its most historical.
   It has more international players than any sport in the US.
III. Reading Comprehension
What do the words “they come in all shapes and sizes” mean?
Key: Whether you are tall or short, strong or weak, you can play baseball.
IV. Translation
Translate the sentence into Chinese.
In schools it is as likely for friends to trade baseball cards as it is for them to trade lunches.  
Key: 在学校,朋友之间交换关于棒球的卡片就像他们之间互相请吃午饭一样平常。
V. Discussion
Work in groups and then introduce other ball games to your partners.
A solid sort of a man(Page 6)
山东烟台二中 赵娟
I.          Pre-reading
Try to describe the way a mountain looks different seasons.
In groups of four each student should work on a different season.
II.       Fast Reading
What do the four seasons stand for in the article?
Key: They stand for different stages in a life.
What is the author trying to say?
    Key: No matter the outward changes in a life, the inner core of a person remains the same.
III.     Reading Comprehension
    Translate the sentence into Chinese.
No matter what the seasons of life brought, he never changed inside. He never allowed the pressures of the seasons or the weathers of life to change what he was underneath.
IV.     Group work
    Do you agree that a person remains the same, no matter the changes on the surface? Discuss in groups and then present your ideas to the class.

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