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And they call it puppy love (Page 4)
. Pre-reading
Do you have a pet at home? What animal is it?
Here is what I think (as an example)
Firstly, dogs are very loyal to people.
Secondly, a doghousewives and elderly people.
Moreover, a dog can easily be trained and a trained dog can help people a lot.
This is why we treat dogs as our best friends.
. Questions
1. Describe the recent trend in attitudes towards dogs in the UK.
  Dogs are no longer just family pets but one of the latest fashion accessories
2. Why are shops selling women’s clothes also selling items for dogs?
To make it easy for you to buy for your dog while buying for yourself.
3. How do people pamper their dogs according to the article?
  1. By buying them the latest clothes and accessories.
  2. By taking them on holiday.
  3. By leaving them at a doggie retreat or spa.
. True or false
1. A new trend in the UK is for people to keep dogs as pets. F
2. Shops have changed their selling patterns to cater for peoples love for their dogs. T
3. Taking your dog with you to stay in a hotel is banned in the UK. F
4. We can by things for dogs online. T
. Discussion
What do you think of the phenomenon of people referring to their pet as their son or daughter? Is this appropriate?
Put your fingers in your ears (Page 5)
. Brainstorm
List some noises.
Is there a noise that you find particularly unbearable or uncomfortable?
Suggested answers: Fingernails scraping across the blackboard; metal scraping on glass; loud car noises; a fork scraping on a plate…
. Questions
1. What did the two music experts want to find out with this experiment?
They wanted to find out why the sound of fingernails on a blackboard made people so uncomfortable.
2. What kind of sound makes people feel uncomfortable?
Sounds that have similar frequencies to the human voice
3. Which aspects were measured during the research done by Michael Oehler and
Heart rate, blood pressure and skin conductivity.
4. What does the author want to tell us with the article?
The characteristics of sounds that make people feel most uncomfortable.
. True or false
1. The frequency of a sound influences people’s reaction to the sound. T
2. A fork scraping in a plate is a less unpleasant sound, according to the experiment. T
3. People find sounds with a frequency of 2,000 to 4,000 hertz more pleasant. F
4. Watching the thing that is making the noise makes the sound less horrible. F
. Vocabulary
Concentrate on           全神贯注于
Uncomfortable             不舒服的,不安的
Horrible                   可怕的,讨厌的
pay attention to              注意,重视
convince                    说服,信服
discomfort                  使……不舒服
Dance with dad (Page 6)
. Pre-reading
Have you ever taken a dance class? If so, what kind of dance was it?
Do you have a fixed dance partner? Who do you most want to dance with?
. Questions
1.      Why did the author never dance with her father after the age of 15?
The author had hurt her father and her father never asked her to dance after that. She didn’t know how to apologize to her father.
2. Why did the author’s father always wait for her after dances.
Because he was waiting for his daughter’s apology, and then they could dance together again.
. Scanning
1.      Why the author was angry with her father?
Because when she was upset, her father stilled teased her.
2.      Interpret this sentence “The hurt on his face did not escape me
 I could not forget the way my father looked so hurt.
3. How did the author and her father greet each other when she grew up?
 They hugged and kissed each other.
4.      On which occasion did the author and her father dance again?
At her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.
5.      Why do you think the author sang with trembling voice?
 She was both excited and worried about how her father would react.
. Vocabulary
Anniversary                  周年纪念日
nod to                       相互点头
a barrel of                    许多,大量
Take the floor                 在会议上发言
Glide                       滑动,滑行
Applaud                     鼓掌
Have you ever had a quarrel with your parents? Who apologized first? How did the other respond?

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